Any Tea party news on the 15th?

This is NBC Nightly News for April 15, 2009

Here now Brian williams.

Brian:    Good evening. It comes but once a year, but for millions of Americans struggling through these harsh economic times, this year maybe tougher than most. It’s tax day in the United States and tonight we have two reports. From Washington, NBC’s Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd. But first let’s go to Rehema Ellis standing outside a post office here in New York City. Good evening Rehema.

Rehema:   Brian. I’m standing outside of a Manhattan branch of the U.S. Post Office and, as you can see behind me, the crowds are literally wrapped around the corner as people await their chance to perform one their most important of civic duties. Officials inside have told me that they will indeed be keeping many branches, including this one, open until midnight. Brian. 

Brian:     Rehema, there have been reports of some sort of demonstration in your area. Do you have any information that would confirm that?

Rehema:  Well Brian, I’m told there is a small group of protesters a couple of blocks over but it seems as though it’s your typical anti-tax group that uses this day every year to promote their far right wing agenda. I haven’t seen many police and the protesters seem to be picking up after themselves, so it can’t be but so well organized. Brian.

Brian:   Thanks Rehema. Now let’s go to Chuck Todd at The White House. Chuck, things pretty quiet there tonight?

Chuck:  On the contrary Brian. The White House is abuzz this evening over the sudden influx of cash pouring into the federal coffers. Sources tell me The President will be staying up well past midnight hoping to have a final tally before calling it a night. On a side note, another undisclosed source tells me The President has a high ranking administrator from the I.R.S. in The White House this evening going over the final touches on the tax returns of top White House staff and advisers. It just shows the kind of detail this President goes to, not leaving anything to chance. Brian.

Brian:   Chuck, any rallies or protests that you’re aware of in Wasington this evening?

Chuck:  Brian as you are well aware, rallies are going on in Washington it seems at all times so it would really have to be something especially large for me to notice. But I will keep my eyes open. Brian, back to you.

Brian:  Chuck Todd in the nations capital. Thanks Chuck. When we return in just a moment on this edition of NBC Nightly News, the sudden flurry of e-mails between Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni. Are the world’s most attractive first ladies best friends forever or is there some tension between them? Also on “Making a Difference” the heroic story of a girl, her four-wheeler and those Mexican immigrants that come up just short of making it to the border. We’ll be right back.