National Night of Prayer

It is time to pray. Pray as if our country depended on it – and it does. On the 29th of October, Obama is slated to air a 30 minute infomercial/ad. It is time for Christians and all people of faith to come together. Turn off the TV. Pray to God to listen to the millions of voices in prayer to him. God can work miracles. God can intervene. God will hear our prayers.Gather your friends, neighbors, children, family, etc. and come together to pray. Pray for the curtain of deceit to be lifted and the eyes, minds and hearts of those who believe that Obama is “The One” to be opened and that they learn the truth of who Obama is before it is too late. Our combined prayers will be heard by God. John McCain and Sarah Palin will feel the strength of our intercessory prayers. This battle is God’s to win – we are his prayer warriors.Please come together and pray. Our country “one nation under God” is in danger.

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