The Huntsmans are Traitors to America

The Huntsmans are truly traitors to America. Finally after many months of pressure the Huntsman Corporation has finally ceased doing business in Iran. I never though Huntsman would be in the same category as  Un-American companies like General Electric, but they were until just a few days ago. It is shameful they did business with Iran and its murderous regime. We need a worldwide boycott and embargo against the Iran. Huntsman is may have done some good things, but the money his company made dealing with Iran is truly blood money.

Jon Huntsman Jr. is Obama’s perfect stooge for grovelling at the knees of the Chinese to buy our debt. Huntsman Jr. took a job as Obama’s ambassador to China just a couple months after getting re-elected. That speaks volumes about him. Huntsman Jr.  politically is no prize and is rather Wishy-Washy moderate like Robert Bennett in America’s most conservative state. Huntsman Jr. is one of the worst republicans in America. Jon Huntsman Jr. moderate in the reddeststate, begging Red China and working with Obama in destroying America.  Atleast his father made it on his own. The Huntsman’s are disloyal globalists with connections to America’s two greatest enemies and not the America first conservatives that we need.  They have both engaged in traitorous behavior.