Palin and Paul unite!

I like the move, because both Palin and Paul are anti-establishment Republicans that buck big government and defend the constitution. Areal go between for Palin and Rand and Ron Paul is Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. Goldwater Jr. is a libertarian minded Republican that thinks highly of Palin. Palin does have a libertarian streak and fought against out of control government as Governor. Other than Butch Otter she was the most libertarian minded Governor. Both Palin and the Pauls have had their record distorted and been smeared by the media. Alaska is a very libertarian minded state much like Montana, Nevada, Texas, and Idaho. I believe Palin belongs more in the libertarian minded Republican circles than she does with McCain and the more Progressive republicans like McCain. If the Palin supporters and the Paul supporters can unite than the Republican party is a majority party once again and that is a good thing because they are more alike than they know. Palin and the Pauls are definitely not progressives.

Ron Paul’s campaign became too much about his opposition to the Iraq war and rather than his common sense and constitution-minded conservatism. The media hi-jacked Ron Paul’s campaign and tried to use it to undermine the Republicans. Ron Paul is too old to change Washington alone, but Rand Paul and Palin can change Washington back to the limited government that is truly a nation of laws and not of men.