2012, So Many Candidates Better than Mitt Romney

After seeing Bob McDonnell’s response to Barrack Obama’s SOTU, I see McDonnell as someone that could unseat our national nightmare, BHO. Governor McDonnell is one of a half-dozen candidates that would be far better candidates than Mitt Romney. Bob McDonnell is Southern, but not overly Southern and speaks with great confidence and reminds me of what could have been with George Allen. McDonnell would be a great choice for the GOP and would win Virginia and North Carolina for sure. Bob McDonnell has a real knack for sounding reasonable and accommodating, while pushing a conservative agenda. In order words he talks like John Warner and vote’s like George Allen.

Paul Ryan is a great idea man and the smartest guy in any room. Ryan is like a mid-western Newt Gingrich without the battle scars. Congressman Ryan is young, decent looking, and articulate and a policy wonk, but not overly charismatic. The only thing really going against Paul Ryan is that he is just a congressman, not a Governor or Senator. Only Garfield went directly from being a congressman to being elected president.

Sarah Palin is still perhaps the greatest defender of conservative principles. If you are pro-life and have any faith at all you love Palin. I still believe that if Palin had the chance, she would run the race that breaks the secular progressive stranglehold on America and sparks the term Palin-democrats. She would be a shock to the system. Palin is the most charismatic candidate on the list. She could Reagan part 2, which is why the media fears her and smears hers.

Rob Portman/John Kasich both men are running terrific races for Senator and Governor of Ohio. Kasich is one of my favorite all-time politicians and I thought he should have run for senator in 1998 instead of Georgia Rinovich. Kasich is a connects with Middle Class and Blue Collar Americans in a way very politicians do. Kasich is the kind of leader the rust belt states really need in order to climb out of the mess inflicted on them by liberals and the unions. I really hope Kasich becomes the next Governor of Ohio because he is the only person that can bring Ohio back. Rob Portman is a smart policy man with great fundraising ability and if a Republican can win a  seat in Ohio, the ultimate bellwether than they must be considered for the presidency. Portman never got less than 70% of the vote in his congressional district, which Jean Schmidt struggles to break 50%. Portman is perhaps one to watch, especially if he beats Lee Fisher convincingly.

Marco Rubio. I expect young Rubio to win the Republican primary against Charlie Crist and crush Kendrick Meek by at-least 20 points. Rubio is a true conservative and a charismatic and articulate and good looking like Palin and Scott Brown. Rubio challenges the GOP establishment and refuses to sell out principles for perceived short-term gain. How’s that selling out working out for you, Governor Crist. Rubio is always upbeat and sounds positively Reagan-esque at times. Marco Rubio will be president of the United States someday, I don’t know if it is sooner rather than later. Rubio is just 38 and already polished than Bobby Jindal. Charlie Crist looks like a deflated balloon compared to the upbeat and energetic Rubio.

Sen. John Thune is an establishment choice. Thune is an unquestioned all-around conservative, but he is still too much of Mitch McConnell’s boy to have my support.Thune is still a lot better than Romney. Thune won an epic battle, although I give George W. Bush and his team more credit for their operation in defeating Tom Daschle. Tom Daschle also did a good job with the voter fraud on the Indian Reservations to steal the race for Tim Johnson in 2002. Thune’s support of the bailout is disappointing and if David Brooks likes him there must be something wrong.

And finally Mike Pence, is an outstanding debater and a man of great principles. He looks presidential and defends conservative principles. Pence is a great defender of values and is a man of ideas much like Paul Ryan and has much more charisma. He can destroy Obama in a debate  better than anyone on this list.