The Hate-Fest Post Attacks A Politician's Family As Usual!

The sick S.O.B.’s at the Hate-fest Post have already attacked the every member of Senator-elect Scott Brown’s family even before he entered the senate. The insane Liberal psychosthat say Conservatives are judgemental hypocrites are also the most judgemental and critical of everything, except if it is done by a member in good standing of the liberal left.  The Hate-Fest Post attacks on Brown’s wife Gail and his two daughters are what we have come to expect for the mentally insane left, which Barrack Obama is a party of.

The problems is conservatives always have to be the nice guys and girls and as usual the psychotic left can’t help itself when attacking a Republican candidate’s children and spouses. Nothing is over the line or off-limits for the lunatics on the left from photo-shopping a Darth Vader head or various other sick images on Sarah Palin’s baby Trig’s head. I would like us in the Conservative movement to fight back with anger and call this to the attention of the world. We must never become the psychotic left and attack children, we must expose the jackals and the scum that dwell in the blogosphere and humiliate them and make the world know their names. We must link them to the Democrats everywhere. The country needs to know how psychotic and evil the left is this country. Psychotic liberals have nothing of value to offer and say to the World, especially the pieces of crap at the Hate-fest post and these psychotic bloggers that attack children of Republicans.

Scott Brown won in Massachusetts and now the psychotic left will try like hell to hurt him and his family. Senator Scott Brown should fight back against the psychotic left by never going along with the agenda of the people that welcome or give tacit support to attacks on his family. The Hate-Fest Post and other sites are legitimized by the Democrats and they are completely on board with attacking and destroying a politician’s family. After all the Psychotic Progressive Left has been attacking and destroying the American family for a century.