Palin Campaigning For and Endorsing Rubio would End Crist's Bid!

Marco Rubio may very well be Florida’s next Senator and almost has the Florida primary wrapped up, but there is one thing Marco Rubio needs and one thing Charlie Crist must have in order to survive and that is the endorsement from Sarah Palin. If Sarah Palin endorsed and campaigned for Rubio it would absolutely end Crist’s bid for the Senate and shot to the Republican establishment that are probably bagging her to support Crist or be neutral. Palin fought the stimulus funds to the death and almost won, while Charlie Crist shamelessly hugged Obama in “The Hug Heard ‘Round the World” and salivated at the stimulus funds along with Arnold  Schwarzenegger. Palin could really sock it to Crist by endorsing Rubio.

My guess is that Rubio’s people are timing a Palin endorsement and campaigning for maximum impact. With Palin now on FoxNews that would be the Deathblow to the White RINO, Charlie Crist. Palin and Rubio would be an ideal fit. She would help Rubio in places like Jacksonville, Orlando, and the Panhandle. I hope both sides come together to end Charlie Crist’s bid for the Senate, so Marco Rubio can easily beat the awful and moronic leftist Kendrick Meek. Meek is beyond awful and will lose by 20 to 30 points. Sarah and Marco, RedState is waiting.