More Scott Brown-type Gems hidden in state legislatures in America!

Scott Brown might have pulled off the greatest upset since David and Goliath. At the start of the race, Brown was down as much as 31 points against Martha Coakley, who cruised to victory in her primary. Could a big name candidate have won this race like Former Governors Romney, Weld, and Cellucci? No, because they could not fly under the radar. Scott Brown articulated a reasonable New England brand of conservatism and populism. Scott Brown is truly a diamond in the rough, hidden in the state senate of Massachusetts, where there are only a few Republicans.

Brown was the best candidate the republicans could have fielded and there are plenty more Gems in the rough in state legislatures all across America. The obvious choices of Romney, Weld, and Cellucci are rarely the best choices for a surprise attack in uncharted territory. There are Republicans and Conservatives that are far more charismatic, articulate, and electable than the conventional choices pushed by the establishment. Chuck DeVore is one of the excellent Scott Brown-type of choices that are hidden in every state legislature. Chuck DeVore can beat Barbara Boxer and Campbell and Fiorina probably can’t. I would like to see my New York state senator Joe Robach take on Kirsten Gillibrand for the U.S. Senate. Robach is a talented and capable Conservative that switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican party in 2002. His father was a Conservative Democrat assemblyman. Robach represents a heavily democrat distict that includes the city of Rochester,and a heavily Jewish-democrat suburb of Brighton and Rochester’s Western suburbs. Robach won re-election against his liberal democrat predesessor even as Obama won around 60% of the vote. The relative closeness in the New York state senate as well as leaving his heavily democrat district open, probably keep a talent likable conservative from running against Gillibrand.

Marco Rubio is now longer a hidden gem in the state legislature and is now likely to be a Florida’s next senator and a Conservative star on the level of Sarah Palin. The Republican bench is deep enough in every state and there are gems in every legislature, it is the activists job to lead the establishment to these candidates.