Mike Huckabee Front Runner

As the Editor and Chief of “The Republicander” I have started conducting a pole on the possible Republican Presidential Candidates and at first it looked the Mitt Romney was going to run away with it. Then people started pouring in for Mike Huckabee. I am a member of the Clinton County Republican Party and we were lucky enough to have Mike for our Lincoln Day Dinner in 2007 and I have to I really wanted him in the 2008 election, (even though I ended up working for John McCain in the end). I think Mike and the Huck-Army may make a big comeback! As a conservative republican I see that we need to start working NOW, I have heard it is to early but I can assure everyone that the Dems are working right know. We need to be ready and if that means working now then we have to! 

I ask all of my fellow Republicans to start now, even if it is just talking to friends or neighbors. Take a few minutes to go to The Republicander website a cast your vote. And please feel free to give me your ideas and feedback on the website. I am not a web developer by trade, I have never done this and could use all the help I could get. Thank you all in advance and lets work together to take back the office of the Preident of the United States in 2012!