Election Reports from the ground level

I don’t know what’s going on in Arizona today, and I’ll be finding out throughout the day what’s happening here in Michigan. From what I can tell, there’s so far VERY low turnout in Michigan.  I’m in a 51-49% Dem precinct in Republican leaning Green Oak Township (Livingston County). I was voter number 25  at 9AM not counting absentees. There was some grumbling over the number of robocalls. Both my parents and I got at least 15 calls in the last four days. ALL of my calls were from the Romney campaign. All except calls yesterday to my parents were from the Romney campaign. I think these robocalls may be starting to backfire, but I’m not sure.

I didn’t see any campaigners at the polls when I went.

I voted for Rick Santorum or more specifically voted against Romney due to 2nd Amendment, Romney care, fee increases, and life issues – both social AND fiscal issues.