As Senator Rubio says, Pick a Better Establishment. We can.

Back when Mr 29%, Charlie Crist still claimed to be a Republican, Marco Rubio made a similar quote to activists when he was going against Goliath. “Pick a better establishment.” Crist had the establishment support and Rubio just had people. People won.

The worst thing that can be done right now is for all of us to say that we’re done and go home. We need to stay active, and hold our reps feet to the fire. We need to make sure good people are elected to party leadership. We need to stay active and pay attention to the inside baseball that goes on when we are affected by it. We can not control everything, but there are a lot of things we can control with hard work and organization. A little effort can go a long way.

I don’t know how things work in all states, but here’s what we have coming up in Michigan.

1. House/Senate leadership. There’s not a lot we can do here we can do for Majority leader and speaker except to keep our ears to the ground and to call our reps and ask them to make the right decision.

2. Precinct Delegates. Here, they are an elected office chosen in the August primary election. If there are openings, those who aren’t delegates can be seated at the next convention once business is conducted. That doesn’t affect the next meeting, but the ones after that.  Precinct delegates are extremely important because they choose the party leadership.

3. County party leadership. In a couple weeks, we will have new party leadership in the county at the next county convention. There are statutory committee members (State Reps, county commissioners and elected officials) and at large executive committee members. The at-large committee members are chosen by precinct delegates. We choose our party leadership. If we have candidates whom we support/oppose, then we need to campaign for them, just like a regular election.

4. District and State Committees. There will be another county convention after the next one. This one sends delegates to the state convention which will choose state and district leadership. The state convention will caucus by congressional district.  There, district party leadership will be chosen. District committees (Which I’m on) range in activity. Some are never active outside of convention procedures, while others are very active. You’ll also have state committee positions filled. Those are extremely important to state leadership, and are not publicized. At the full meeting at the convention, the state party officers (chairs and vice-chairs, etc) are voted on by the state delegates. The RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman from our state is also chosen at the convention.

5. August Primary is in two years. If someone does a bad job, send them home. Precinct delegates are also elected at the August primary, so if you want a major say on things, make sure you vote and/or run for that position.

November may be over, but there is still plenty of things for us all to watch the end of this year, and next year. We need to make sure the Jim Greers don’t come anywhere near power again. We need to make sure that what goes on at the NRSC doesn’t happen here. That’s our job as activists and precinct delegates. We can control what we can control, and there is a lot we can actually control. We need to do our parts, or we have no business complaining.