Pride comes before the fall. Forget the polls. We haven't taken any seats yet.

As many know, I’m a Michigan State grad and fan. One of my favorite moments was how a calm but angry Coach Mark Dantonio defiantly took on all comers in the press conference after the MSU loss to Michigan in 2007. This loss happens to be his last loss to Michigan. Go State.

I don’t know Coach Dantonio’s politics and I don’t care what they happen to be. His press conference provides good lessons to politicians of all stripes. Republicans should have heeded it in 2004, and the democrats should have heeded it in 2008. Some quotes from his press conference are these.

“They need to check themselves sometimes.”
“Let’s just remember pride comes before the fall”
“They want to mock us. I’m telling them. It’s not over.”
“It’s not over, and it’ll never be over here”
“It’s just starting”
“They want to make a mockery of it. Their time will come.”

After seeing the arrogance and sneering of Obama, Congress, Jon Stewart, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, The NY Times, Thomas Frank, the chattering classes, and the like against grass roots opposition to their big government agenda, those thoughts kept running in my head, looking for the next payback opportunity. Those people need to lose. Those people need to be humbled. I had a lot of problems with Bush, but the best part about his re-election was John Kerry and the “gentry liberal” class losing. The only thing worse than their policies is the combination of arrogance and ignorance from the so called elites. In their minds, they know what is best for us. They don’t. We do. They want to mock us. It’s not over. It’ll never be over. Pride comes before the fall.

It looks like we’re going to win big in 2010. Wrong. We don’t know. The decision hasn’t been made yet. Pride comes before the fall and we need to check ourselves. We haven’t won anything.

Most polls say that 50 or more seats will be taken over by the GOP in Congress. I’ve heard we’re leading in 63 or more seats in the state house. The most optimistic say 100 Federal House seats are in play and even the senate could be taken over.

Wrong. We’re leading in nothing. The democrats are leading in nothing. Polls are one of two things.

1. Incorrect.
2. If they are correct, they are based on a snapshot in time of the opinions of the electorate in a given area give or take a few percent. They may chance before election day.

In the US Senate, we are at 38 Democrats and 23 Republicans, needing to win 28 seats for a takeover.

In the US House, State House, and State Senate, we are at 0 Democrats and 0 Republicans.

For Governor, we have 0 votes for Snyder and 0 for Bernero. For Secretary of State, 0 for Johnson and Benson. For our districts here, 0 votes for Joe Hune, Chuck Fellows, Cindy Denby, Garry Post, Bill Rogers, and James Delcamp. For the county commission, it’s 0-0.

I can go down the list. You don’t win if you don’t show up. In 1990, John Engler was trailing by 12% before the election. He won. In 1994, Mario Cuomo was up in polls on election day. He lost. Afternoon turnout did him in.

We need to make sure we vote (or have voted), get fellow supporters to vote, and we need to make sure elections are conducted with integrity and to guard against vote fraud as election challengers.

No celebrations until the election is over. After that comes the 24 hour rule, and we need to get to work holding the feet to the fire and make sure the new republicans (hopefully) don’t screw things up like the democrats did and that we are on a road of less government and more freedom. It’s not over. It’s just starting.