Today's Census mailing - Waste of tax money by executive branch

I’m sure you all have seen the ads from Census 2010. It’s well known that every 10 years, we have the census. Soon the forms will be coming to be filled out.  I checked my mailbox and thought it came in today. Nope.

Instead, I got a $0.44 first class mail telling me the census form will be in approximately one week from today. Thanks a lot. This is a major waste of my tax money. Anybody that is familiar with the costs of political campaigns knows how much mailings cost. This one is no different except that it is at our expense. There are about 110,000,000 households in the US. This .44 mailing adds up. About $48 million in postage alone. That doesn’t include about 110,000,000 envelopes, sheets of paper, laser printer depreciation, toners, and labor for that gigantic mailing.

I’ll give it one credit. It was quick. It was addressed from Phoenix yesterday, and I got it today here in Green Oak Township, Michigan.

Other than that, this was a gigantic waste. They should have saved the $50 million plus and just sent the actual census form instead of the one week warning.

This is just one more example why people don’t trust Washington DC with their money. $50 million here, $50 million there. Pretty soon, it’s up to 13 trillion.