Rocky Raczkowski for Congress - 9th District (MI)

We have some good news in the 9th District. Rocky Raczkowski is running against Gary Peters. Rocky’s a good candidate who has a history of winning tough races. He won three times in Farmington Hills against democrats in a democrat leaning district won by Gore, Kerry, Granholm, and Obama. He even beat Aldo Vagnozzi, who later won the district three times himself.

I was at the Rocky announcement yesterday in Oakland County. The turnout surprised me. I saw roughly 250 people there, on a Saturday morning, less than an hour before a football game. A lot of the people I talked to there were not the people I normally see at Oakland County political events. I’m more familiar with NORC, but a lot of people there are just now getting politically active. They are unhappy with the job Washington is doing, including Gary Peters, who supports retroactive tax increases, stimulus packages that only help government, bailouts, cap and trade, and the governmental health care takeover.

Rocky was termed out in 2002 so he wasn’t part of the problem in Lansing. The problems came after he left. He ran against Carl Levin in 02 on a shoestring budget and was thrown to the wolves without any party help whatsoever taking one for the team. The most shameful thing about that race was when State Party at the time had the gubernatorial candidate, (a good guy) and then the closing remarks, and have Rocky speak after closing. Rocky is a very good speaker, and that should have been used to have Rocky bring up the rest of ticket. Everyone is on the same side, or should be. What happened was unacceptable and I hope to never see that again.

This shouldn’t happen here. Rocky’s two biggest weaknesses against Levin shouldn’t be an issue here. Name recognition and money. Rocky won three times in Farmington Hills, part of the 9th District. His name recognition is little different than Mike Rogers when he ran in 2000 for the open seat. The whole district is in Oakland County. The other weakness is money. Right now with the angry mood of the country and the heavily fiscally left wing approach by both state and federal democrat officials, good candidates, like those who won three times in bluish districts, can raise money. I’m sure Rocky can get some help here against a new incumbent in Peters.

Rocky was going to run in 2006, but dropped out because his country called him to service. Rocky’s a Major in the Army Reserves, serving three tours. He just got back home a couple of weeks ago. Welcome Home, Rocky. In addition to his service, he’s a business owner as CEO of Star Tickets so he has the business experience as well as his legislative and military experience.

Rocky’s website is in the works, and much of it is completed. He’s a solid conservative with a good voting record in the state house. He has served our country with distinction. He will be a major improvement over the joker in there currently in Peters.

Rocky has my support for Congress.

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