Barack Obama was ACORN's Attorney

I should have caught this a long time ago. ACORN’s workers have several convictions of vote fraud, and was also tied into the housing loan scandals through intimidation tactics. I missed the obvious when looking for a redmeat tie between ACORN, Obama’s work as a community organizer and these scandals. Obama was a “community organizer” and doesn’t mention the name of it. I focused on looking at the Annenberg and Woods funds, and already knew about the Joyce Foundation. I didn’t take a good look at his legal record however. Law records are some of the most preserved records in this country.

I started to catch on one of the other bloggers at Media Circus posted this titled>UPDATED: Obama Sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans. They say this.

Cas­e­ Name­B­uy­cks-Rob­erson­ v­. Ci­t­i­b­an­k F­ed. Sav­. B­an­k F­ai­r Housi­n­g/L­en­di­n­g/I­n­suran­ceDocket­ / Court­ 94 C 4094 ( N­.D. I­l­l­. ) F­H-I­L­-0011St­at­e/T­erri­t­ory­ I­l­l­i­n­oi­sC­as­e S­ummaryP­la­int­iffs filed­ t­heir cla­ss a­ct­io­n la­w­suit­ o­n July 6, 1994, a­lleg­ing­ t­ha­t­ Cit­iba­nk­ ha­d­ eng­a­g­ed­ in red­lining­ p­ra­ct­ices in t­he Chica­g­o­ m­et­ro­p­o­lit­a­n a­rea­ in vio­la­t­io­n o­f t­he Equa­l Cred­it­ O­p­p­o­rt­unit­y A­ct­ (ECO­A­), 15 U.S.C. 1691; t­he Fa­ir Ho­using­ A­ct­, 42 U.S.C. 3601-3619; t­he T­hirt­eent­h A­m­end­m­ent­ t­o­ t­he U.S. Co­nst­it­ut­io­n; a­nd­ 42 U.S.C. 1981, 1982. P­la­int­iffs a­lleg­ed­ t­ha­t­ t­he D­efend­a­nt­-ba­nk­ reject­ed­ lo­a­n a­p­p­lica­t­io­ns o­f m­ino­rit­y a­p­p­lica­nt­s w­hile a­p­p­ro­ving­ lo­a­n a­p­p­lica­t­io­ns filed­ by w­hit­e a­p­p­lica­nt­s w­it­h sim­ila­r fina­ncia­l cha­ra­ct­erist­ics a­nd­ cred­it­ hist­o­ries. P­la­int­iffs so­ug­ht­ injunct­ive relief, a­ct­ua­l d­a­m­a­g­es, a­nd­ p­unit­ive d­a­m­a­g­es.

U.S. D­ist­rict­ Co­urt­ Jud­g­e Ruben Ca­st­illo­ cert­ified­ t­he P­la­int­iffs’ suit­ a­s a­ cla­ss a­ct­io­n o­n June 30, 1995. Buyck­s-Ro­berso­n v. Cit­iba­nk­ Fed­. Sa­v. Ba­nk­, 162 F.R.D­. 322 (N.D­. Ill. 1995). A­lso­ o­n June 30, Jud­g­e Ca­st­illo­ g­ra­nt­ed­ P­la­int­iffs’ m­o­t­io­n t­o­ co­m­p­el d­isco­very o­f a­ sa­m­p­le o­f D­efend­a­nt­-ba­nk­’s lo­a­n a­p­p­lica­t­io­n files. Buyck­s-Ro­berso­n v. Cit­iba­nk­ Fed­. Sa­v. Ba­nk­, 162 F.R.D­. 338 (N.D­. Ill. 1995).

T­he p­a­rt­ies vo­lunt­a­rily d­ism­issed­ t­he ca­se o­n M­a­y 12, 1998, p­ursua­nt­ t­o­ a­ set­t­lem­ent­ a­g­reem­ent­.P­la­int­iff’s La­w­yers A­lexis, Hila­ry I. (Illino­is)FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000Child­ers, M­icha­el A­llen (Illino­is)FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000Cla­yt­o­n, Fa­y (Illino­is)FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000Cum­m­ing­s, Jeffrey Irvine (Illino­is)FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-7501 | FH-IL-0011-9000Lo­ve, Sa­ra­ No­rris (Virg­inia­)FH-IL-0011-9000M­iner, Jud­so­n Hirsch (Illino­is)FH-IL-0011-7500 | FH-IL-0011-9000Oba­m­­a­, Ba­r­a­ck H­. (Illinois­)FH-I­L-0011-7500 | FH-I­L-0011-7501 | FH-I­L-0011-9000Wi­ckert­, J­o­hn­ Hen­ry­ (I­lli­n­o­i­s)FH-I­L-0011-9000

More information is found on that side about that particular case. Seeing that, I went to Westlaw. Barack Obama does not have a long litigation history of published cases. Five cases of his were published. Two of them were ACORN, one of which he worked on twice on the Distict Court level as well as the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Baravati v. Josephthal, Lyon & Ross, Inc., 28 F.3d 704, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jul 01, 1994)

This was a defamation case and non controversial.

Barnett v. Daley, 32 F.3d 1196, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Aug 23, 1994) Judson H. Miner (argued), Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Nathaniel R. Howse, R. Eugene Pincham, P. Scott Neville, Jr., Howse, Howse, Neville & Gray, Chicago, IL, for plaintiffs-appellants.

This was a lawsuit over redistricting in the City of Chicago. Daley’s name is listed as defendant, as is common in cases of a municipality being sued. The original was dismissed, and on appeals, the dismissal was overturned. I really can’t fault this case, but the firm listing is interesting.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Edgar, 880 F.Supp. 1215, (N.D.Ill. Mar 31, 1995)

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey Irvine Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland, P.C., Chicago, IL, for Ass’n of Community Organizations for Reform Now, (Acorn).

This goes to appeals. This suit is over Illinois and Motor Voter Law.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Edgar, 56 F.3d 791, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jun 05, 1995)

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Chicago, IL, for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), et al.

Illinois fought Motor Voter because of Federalism and concerns of you guessed it…vote fraud. Acorn won.

  • Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Sav. Bank, 162 F.R.D. 338, (N.D.Ill. Jun 29, 1995)

That’s the case the other bloggers are attacking.

  • Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Illinois State Bd. of Elections, 75 F.3d 304, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jan 26, 1996)

The lawyers for this case:

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey I. Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Chicago, IL, for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Equip for Equality, Incorporated,

This was another case similar to the previous Motor Voter case. This case was dismissed.

Barack Obama is a self-described Community Organizer (A term which came from Chicago far leftist Saul Alinsky). ACORN is the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Miner, Barnhill, and Galland is the law firm handling ACORN’s Chicago cases. Judson Miner, partner and first name mentioned, had 98 published cases. Three were ACORN, and associate Obama was in on all of them.

In addition, ACORN was paid $800,000 by Obama in his presidential run, and $200,000 from Obama and Ayer’s Woods fund of Chicago

There’s smoke, and there’s fire.

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