What has Obama done in the senate? He passed 2 bills and 6 resolutions.

All information came from http://thomas.loc.gov

During this current Congress, Obama has had three things passed in the senate. You can find this at http://thomas.loc.gov

  1. S.RES.133 : A resolution celebrating the life of Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.

  2. S.RES.268 : A resolution designating July 12, 2007, as “National Summer Learning Day”.

  3. S.RES.600 : A resolution commemorating the 44th anniversary of the deaths of civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwerner in Philadelphia, Mississippi, while working in the name of American democracy to register voters and secure civil rights during the summer of 1964, which has become known as “Freedom Summer”.

In his previous Congress, we have five things. 1. S.RES.291 : A resolution to congratulate the Chicago White Sox on winning the 2005 World Series Championship.

  1. S.RES.516 : A resolution recognizing the historical significance of Juneteenth Independence Day and expressing the sense of the Senate that history should be regarded as a means for understanding the past and solving the challenges of the future.

  2. S.RES.529 : A resolution designating July 13, 2006, as “National Summer Learning Day”.

  3. S.2125 : A bill to promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  4. S.3757 : A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 950 Missouri Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois, as the “Katherine Dunham Post Office Building”.

What change he has brought to Washington. What change he will bring as a president based on his record.

When Obama’s camp talks about Palin’s experience and compares her to Dan Quayle, tell them that Obama can’t shine Dan Quayle’s boots, let alone Sarah Palin’s shoes. He hasn’t done jacks**t.