I'm no longer holding my nose in November

This is a risky, but high reward pick for McCain. Overall, I’d give it an A- (and four years from now, an A+). I have to give McCain a lot of credit here for having the guts to make his own pick and not one a lot of the establishment was hoping for (Romney).

From a personal standpoint, Palin was my 2nd choice…..of EVERYBODY. Mark Sanford was my first and would have been the A+ pick (experience edge), but what this does with me is for the first time ever, really get me to vote FOR somebody for President/VP instead of just voting AGAINST the other people.

As recently in 2006, I had no plans at all to vote for McCain. The DC v Heller decision as well as the other judicial issues, the pork spending, and Mr. Obama changed my mind at least on voting. McCain wasn’t my last choice in the primary, but wasn’t my first. This pick for VP got me on the bandwagon, and not because Palin is a woman. It is because when it comes to the right things, Palin has walked the walk. First, what is bad about this pick? Experience. She has slightly more experience than Obama (although it is EXECUTIVE experience). It is four years two early. That is the ONLY negative. She has 16 years of political experience, (Obama has 12 years total, four in high office counting the last three years he has done nothing but run for president), and eight years in an executive role. In between her time as mayor and governor, she was on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission until she resigned in protest over poor ethics by some of the bigwigs…including the then state GOP chair of her state. She then defeated incumbent Frank Murkowski to be governor. Eight years of executive experience is not enough to be PRESIDENT (Although it is two years more than Bush and eight years more than Obama), however this is VICE president, and a VP can afford some on the job training. McCain can show her the ropes on what she doesn’t know, and her experience in executive office will help her learn quickly.

What is GOOD about this pick? Several things.

  1. Real change requires real change. Obama talks about change. What has he done in the Senate outside of TALK about change? Absolutely NOTHING but piggyback off of other senators. Obama talks about cleaning up Washington. Palin HAS cleaned up political messes of others. She defeated an incumbent mayor over tax issues, and then lowered property taxes. She resigned from the Oil and Gas commission because of ethics of her own party members. She then ran for governor and took out the trash there. She fought against pork spending and passed an ethics bill. She talked, and then delivered. Currently she’s pushing for energy reform in Alaska, including a new Natural Gas pipelines and fighting Congress for not drilling in ANWR to increase our oil supply here at home.

  2. Solidifies a fractured base. Fiscal conservatives are important again. After Bush crapped on us for eight years, we have two people with REAL records against pork barrell spending. McCain is decent on this issue, and Palin is great on this issue. McCain has problems with trust among gun owners. Palin alleviates many of those doubts and is the most pro-2nd Amendment candidate on a major ticket since Teddy Roosevelt. You won’t hear any “can I get me a huntin’ license” types of blunders from Palin. She’s the real thing. And on the life issue, Palin walks the walk on being pro-life more than just about anybody (although John McCain’s record is quite good on that issue…he’s walked the walk too and more than just by voting records). McCain came through for us with this pick.

  3. The Outsider. Obama talked about change and gave us a 30 year career hack whose only claims to fame is lifting other speeches, writing a gun grabbing bill, and being a self-proclaimed foreign policy expert (how so anyway?). Outside of political junkies and Delaware, nobody knows who Joe Biden really is. Palin is the only major party candidate not to come from Washington and its 17% approval rating. Washington doesn’t change Washington easily.

I didn’t mention the obvious here that can cut both ways. McCain named a woman to the ticket. How will that play? I don’t know. I think it can gain some votes and lose others. It doesn’t effect my vote. However she’s very easy on the eyes, so I won’t be changing the channel on my TV set when she’s on there, unlike the normal reaction I have with politicians. That can’t hurt.

Would I support this pick if Todd Palin was the governor of Alaska with the same record, and if Sarah Palin was the oil rig worker and fisherman instead? Absolutely. I can say that without a shadow of a doubt.

I support people who walk the walk in their politics. It is extremely rare, and it is even rarer when one is a governor, and rarest of all when one is tapped to be VP. None walk the walk better than Governor Sarah Palin. That’s why I’m no longer holding my nose this November. I’m not just voting against Obama and Biden anymore. I’m voting for Sarah Palin.