Election tampering.....maybe in 3rd world countries but not in America!

Today we witnessed what is common practice in some, not all 3rd world countries where corruption is at large and usually in the hands of thug dictators such as Hugo Chavez. Well, Michigan’s GOP controlled by Mitt Romney supporters decided that they would change the result of Tuesday’s election by awarding him the two Statewide delegates which were originally agreed upon to be proportionately split. The result as we know it was Santorum = 15 delegates, Romney = 15 delegates, well that was then…..now it’s Mitt 16 and Rick 14. With this action they have taken a very dangerous step closer to Chavez and other corrupt governments!

In my 20+ year career (all in the private sector) I have had the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively to other regions but mostly Western Hemisphere with most of my travels into Latin America. During this period I have witnessed and experienced many cases of corruption around the region where democratically elected candidates later became dictators when they rigged elections to stay in power. Presidents such as Fujimori who changed the constitution in his favor, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez of course the mentor to most of these and we can’t forget the situation in Honduras. These are just a few recent cases but the list is long and distinguished! In Africa the same case can be made.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is America, NOT Africa or Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras et al! What the Romney people have done in Michigan cannot stand and should not stand! BTW, there was also some monkey business in Maine but since it was Ron Paul who for purposes of this discussion has ZERO chance of winning, there was very little noise made. Besides deep down we all think something is going on between Mitt and Ron by the way Paul has been attacking everyone but Romney. Well let me get back on subject as that’s a discussion for a later date…

If we allow this to go uncorrected and “let it slide”, we will be going the ways of many of the nations I mentioned before and it will cripple our Country! America has always stood for integrity, honesty, strong values, rule of law and especially the respect of elections! We cannot allow our election results to be tampered with and process to be bought by those with the only interest being their own. Their own cushy positions and fringe benefits, their influence obtained from staying in power or close to power. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now with this disaster and the direction of this primary. This needs to be called out and without fear of being attacked by establishment types and their acolytes.

Today we have a candidate in Mitt Romney that with all the establishment support, organization and money simply can’t close the deal. No matter what he does, says and tries to be, can’t get 50% + 1 or close for that matter. He has failed in every instance to convince us conservatives of his message and real intentions, however he has managed to spend millions of dollars in attack ads filled with lies and half truths against his REPUBLICAN opponents. Yes Republican not democrat opponents in complete violation and disregard of Reagan’s 11th commandment. I guess it’s “Win at all cost” for Mitt? Reminds me of Al Gore in 2000 maybe it does to you as well?

So the question now is, has Mitt Romney come to realize as most of us conservatives that he has no message, he can’t connect with the base and he simply cannot win the nomination by effectively articulating our conservative values? Well if Maine and Michigan are any sign, I would have to say if he hasn’t yet maybe his team has! Or maybe worse, maybe during his evangelizing missions as a Mormon youth into 3rd world countries he saw firsthand how some elections were won including the presidency? What else did he learn during this period that we have yet to see?

We know he lacks passion, probably sees this as career progression or some kind of entitlement as those on the left view their own entitlement, either way things with Mitt things are not looking good!

For full disclosure and for the record, I support Newt not Rick and in 2008 I supported Mitt over McCain.


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