Dirty Pool

Am I the only one that has noticed how Barak “Hussein” Obama has bought his own BRAINWASHING TV STATION? Yep, I’ve verified it. Since I live rural *our only hope for TV is satelite and if you care to look you will find that* channel 73 is OBAMA TV. Non-stop 24/7 *You’re in my power, look into my eyes and belive EVERYTHING I say!!!I am a devout Christian that has studied the prophets and if you care to look/read them you will see how this LIBERAL DEMA-GOD fits ALL the prophesis of the Anti-Christ! The Beast!!He needs to be stopped, dead in his tracks or else he’ll take this nation to a point that is unrecognizable to not only her citizens, but the world.If you think it’s bad now, if you think we have no Constitution or rights, wait! With Osama Bin Laden (I mean Barak Obama) president you might as well open up consentration camps again, that is for anyone who opposes him andmaybe those who don’t. He doesn’t want to stop at governing the US, he’s after the world folks. And his party, liberal friends and media are pulling every nasty stunt in the book to endorse him, support him and uplift him.The man has no experience, he’s a chronic liar, cheat, self-centered, egotistical maniac. All you of who belive him are beyond fools. He’s making political promises he has no intention of keeping just so he can get elected.If you really want change, if you are a true blood American think twice about who you vote for. John McCain (whom I know personally, casually) and Sarah Palin are not just promise makers, they are promise keepers and the ONLY ONES I WILL TRUST to hold the key to my beloved America.I mean look at Gov. Palin, we all watched the debate, she is though the govenor of Alaska, a home grown, down to earth, and truthful without being hurtful. She most definately has more experince in her baby finger them Obama has in his whole body. She’s not a politician, she’s not going to make promises she can’t keep. She is the “perfect” choice for OUR VICE-PRESIDENT. This gives you an idea of how smart and sensible John McCain is. If he can accomplish this without even being elected, imagine if you will what he can do in the Oval Office!!!And Sen. McCain is also genuine, kind-hearted, and REALLY, REALLY cares about the nation he very nearly gave his life for. He knows the struggles we’re all enduring, he’s not blind and he genuinely wants to improve the lives of citizens. Vote for McCain/Palin! Vote for the people that can successfully put the Freedom Train back on the tracks.