Happy Birthday RedState

Happy Birthday and congratulations, RedState! In just four short years, Erick and the other main contributors at Red State have established a first-class reputation for creating insightful conversation about some of the most important issues facing our nation. Your message never fails to promote unlimited freedom through a limited government, traditional values, and economic opportunity ā€“ the core principles that we need to advocate if we are going to keep America free. The efforts of Red State writers, readers, and contributors play a crucial role in the great experiment known as democracy.

As America chooses a new President and decides who should control Congress this fall, your effort has never been more important. Democrats promise to retreat from the battle against radical jihad, to erase God from the public square, and to expand the heavy hand of government in your daily life ā€“ paid for by increasing taxes on every hardworking American. Meanwhile, not only do they continue to ignore the pain that Americans face each day at the pump, the refuse to join our effort to lift restrictions on exploration for energy off our shores, in the intermountain West, and in arctic Alaska. They refuse to call for a reduction in the number of boutique fuels and expansion of domestic refining capacity. And they refuse to admit that the forces of supply and demand play the largest role in determining the prices we pay to fill our gas tanks. Instead, as Americans were struggling to pay for rising health care, fuel, and groceries, Democrats were busy passing the largest tax increase in American history.

Liberal organizations like Moveon.org are actively recruiting followers and becoming larger players in elections both on the national and local level. The left has successfully incorporated a strong netroots strategy into their election playbook. Friends, I know Iā€™m preaching to the choir, but we must do the same. The time has come for GOP grassroots activists to fight back and galvanize around the core issues that make us proud to be conservatives. If we are to ever earn back the trust of our fellow citizens, if we are to win in November, we need to ensure that we make every effort to effectively communicate our message to all Americans, and equip them with the tools to spread the message of liberty and freedom. With the launch RedState 3.0, I know that you will be at the forefront of our efforts, and I am convinced that your success will only continue to increase.

I appreciate RedState and congratulate you for continuing to be at the front of our netroots efforts. Each day, as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, I promise to fight for our conservative principles in the House of Representatives. I know that I can count on the support of RedState and all of its readers to do the same on the thousands upon thousands of battlegrounds on the internet. Keep fighting the good fight!