Another way to fight

I have seen many people around here looking for ways to get involved. I have found an organization that wants to sign-up 1,000,000 members by “The One’s” inauguration.

Check out Grassfire.org.

Here is what they are standing against: Socialistic wealth redistribution *including any and all tax increases and big-government welfare programs. *Silencing conservatives through the Fairness Doctrine *and other efforts that restrict free speech. *Open border anarchy including amnesty *for illegal aliens and promotion of multi-nation “unions”. *Government-run health care *that weakens our system and imposes more tax burdens on citizens. *Weakening of our military *through rapid pullback from Iraq, defunding our troops and overall disarmament. *Social liberalism *including radical pro-abortion agenda, the end of marriage and the homosexual agenda. *Liberal court activism *that undermines faith, family and liberties while expanding government control. *Post-American globalism *that diminishes our global role and threatens our national sovereignty. *Environmental extremism, the CO2 tax, undermining coal and nuclear, and bans on exploration.

Take a look and see if it is for you – they have petitions, action items, and lots of info.