Clintons Campaign for Murtha

OK – I am up late watching Fox News and I just saw a report that the Clinton’s are campaigning for Murtha this weekend. Looks like things aren’t looking tjat good for Murtha…See here, here, here and (well you get the drift

I really love the blatant partisanship and phoniness that the Hill & Bill Show still bring to the table. I have since lost hope of seeing my state turn red – so these kind of races give me glimmers of hope that our country isn’t totally going down the toilet. Seriously, will someone just put Murtha out to pasture?

Seriously, we all know Bill has no self respect, but Hillary too – lol!!!

OK – I fell better now…

Oh yeah – Don’t forget to vote…McCain/Palin ’08

And – Since I like doing these links…Donate to Bill Russell here – lets give the Clinton’s the what for…maybe we can send Hill & Bill back to New York with another loss!