Why I went back to DC

Thursday and Friday I was back in Washington DC in order to participate in the GOP revolt on the house floor.

My constituents are hurting because of high fuel prices. Not only have they been paying for $4/gallon gas, but they’ve been experiencing inflation on a number of other commodities from food to fireworks. And this energy crisis isn’t going away any time soon. So instead of touring the country for personal financial gain promoting her book, Speaker Nancy Pelosi should call on Congress to get back to work, do its job, and offer real energy solutions to the American people. Other folks can go home and play politics this August, but there’s a movement in this country to fight high gas prices, and I’m going back to give those people a voice.America can no longer afford to send over $700 Billion annually of our Nation’s wealth to hostile foreign countries when we have the ability and resources to develop our own domestic energy sources. We can also create hundreds of thousands of jobs right here at home. I firmly believe that this is not only an issue of the need to develop our own energy independence, but it’s also an issue of American national security.

As Republicans, we’ve gone more than half way. I am a member of a bipartisan group that publicly introduced an energy solution in the House last week- HR6709. In addition to environmentally responsible drilling, the bill also would institute greater conservation efforts and investment into technology that will pave the way to energy independence. Nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi, harnessing her power as Speaker, has forbade voting on any bill with drilling, even if it means blocking the constructive initiatives of her fellow Democrats.

If Congress had already voted for more drilling and more oil production in this country, gas prices would have never risen above $4 per gallon. Unbelievably, however, even in the face of millions of Americans suffering financially across America due to soaring transportation, food and housing costs, Speaker Pelosi has put a blockade around any real energy legislation. Thanks to her running the House like her own personal Pelosi politburo, we are facing a moratorium on drilling, and a moratorium on votes. That is why I returned to Washington to protest.

I am encouraged by the outpouring of support we’ve received all over the country, particularly from our online activists (#dontgo). With their help, we’ve been able to get around the mainstream media’s liberal bias and have gotten our message out across the country. Keep it up.

Visit my campaign site at www.indianadan.com to learn more about House GOP efforts.