I Hope This Doesn’t Shock You. Chris Matthews is Bigoted.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC believes some of the most amazing things. The GOP, you see, is about to outsource the 2012 election to the Church of Latter Day Saints – just like the Dems did when they picked a Senate Majority Leader. Here was Chris at his lovable best during Tuesday’s MSNBC coverage of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries.

…There not going to vote for President Obama. So who they going get to beat him. That seems to be on their mind’s now, not who they like. They are willing to outsource it to a Mormon.”

“It seems to me, if they can win — I said it’s almost like calling up India, or somewhere in the third-world to get your computer fixed. You don’t care who is fixing it, just fix the damn computer. They want to get rid of Obama so they’re willing to vote for a guy they don’t like or trust his religion. But they have no choice,” Matthews said during MSNBC’s primetime coverage of primary results on Tuesday night.

“They have three, or two RCs — Roman Catholics running and a Mormon so the three cultists running.

I will admit that sometimes watching Chris Matthews makes me think I need to get the computer or TV fixed. I kind of don’t believe he just went there. But then again, I don’t think Chris was ever tightly-wrapped enough to keep the hatred and spittle from freely flying. Everyone occasionally goes there. It’s just that Chris doesn’t have quite as far to travel on his journey as the rest of us…