Why Al Gore Isn’t Safe For Work Or Intelligent Debate

I typically like to begin my blog entries with some quote from a powerful individual that addresses my topic. Today, however, I have to alter this procedure. My topic is Anthropogenic Global Warming and the speaker is none other than Al Gore. Therefore, we had to institute a 10 second delay in order to properly work-safe the commentary below.

‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’ Bull(beep)! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bull(beep)! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bull(beep)!” Gore exclaimed.

(HT: Colorado Independent)

Al Gore swears for good reason. The scientific theory that he has devoted the last decade and one half of his life to advocating on behalf of is being shot more full of holes than a spaghetti strainer. His cash-cow is on the way to the slaughter house, his golden goose is being fricasseed.

Joe Bastardi responds to Al Gore’s temper-tantrum with a forceful and less profane opposing view. He asks “where is the heat?” below.

The PDO changes, sunspot activity is down from the max around 2000. The Earths temps level out and co2 continues to rise. To the folks at climate progress.. if co2 is causing the temperature rise, why is it the temperatures have leveled off while co2 continues to rise, and the other 2 forcing mechanisms have changed. Where are the trapping hot spots at 400mb? Where is the positive feedback? Why is the temperature not in any of the IPCC ranges issued 20 years ago? Even Phil Jones admitted there has been no warming, so how can co2 be the cause? Where is the heat.. The ocean bottom, a cave somewhere? And how is it the satellites say it fine after the PDO switched to warm, but cant find it now?

(HT: Icecap)

Rather than simply storming off the stage like the infantile and frustrated Al Gore, Bastardi lays out a case that is linked to by The Powerline Blog. It begins with a discussion of the highly significant correlation between temperature changes and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation(PDO).

The PDO Correlates w/ Temperature Change. R^2=0.85

The PDO is a change in the direction of the strongest current in the Pacific Ocean that occurs approximately every 20 to 30 years. This influences climate by forcing very cold water from the ocean depths to the sea surface and then burying this frigid water during the opposite phase of the cycle. The 85% correlation between the PDO and the temperature changes suggests a strong interrelation, not necessarily a causation, between the two.

Bastardi then discusses the correlation between CO2 concentration and temperature fluctuations. This relationship has only a 44% percent correlation. This statistic strongly suggests that the relationship between CO2 concentrations and temperature change is tenuous at best. Thus, absent any significant correlation, it is dubious to continue arguing such a Bull(beep)! proposition.

CO2 Correlates Poorly With Temperature Change. R^2 = 0.44.

Perhaps this is what has Al Gore reverting to potty-mouthed feces-chucking. His theory is demonstrably wrong. The models that support said theory are pulled out of some mathematically-talented acolyte’s rectum and have a cursory, at best, relationship with objective reality. People increasingly know and understand the extent to which AGW has become a brain-washed cult of Marxians who don’t dare speak their own ideology’s true name. The scam is over and Al Gore does not want to give up the fame and adulation that it has brought him. Thus Al Gore is not safe for either work or for intelligent discussion of scientific problems relating to the Earth’s climate.