Escape From New York: Snake Plissken Would Hate The NY GOP.

But a recent Marist poll suggests that the rate is likely to increase: 36 percent of New Yorkers under 30 plan to leave over the next five years. Why are all these people fleeing? For one thing, according to a recent survey in Chief Executive, our state has the second-worst business climate in the country. (Only California ranks lower.) People go where the jobs are, so when a state repels businesses, it repels residents, too.

-Fred Siegel HT: NY Post.com

Republicans suck in New York. Period. End of Story.

– Erick Erickson HT: Redstate.com

The juxtaposed quotes above are two separate attempts to explain why Conservative Upstate New York has elected such a toxic wasteland of quixotic, populist leftism in recent special Congressional Elcections. How do Democrats keep winning in the neighborhoods built by the first generation of Americans to emulate Kurt Russell and escape from New York? Why hasn’t the NY GOP found its own version of “Snake” Plissken?

My concern is that both of the gentlemen above are absolutely correct. Yea verily, the NY GOP doth suck at an elevated PSI. And yea verily, anyone with an IQ above room temperature and a pulse more rapid than the tempo of a Perry Como croon-job has planned an exit strategy.

But there is this nagging problem. In the US, those who lack drive, ambition and ability still enjoy suffrage. And they remain in these dying cities and towns to send unrestricted losers to the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. The GOP consistently fails to reach out to these people in a decent and honorable manner. Last night, in NY-26, was no different.

Given suffrage, the less cranially endowed will react to disrespect and contempt by using their vote to support the candidate that best fits the description of “Pander Bear.” And make no mistake about it. Running the likes of Dede Scozzafava or Jane Corwin for an important and powerful political office is the sign of a political party that holds average, struggling Americans in complete and utter contempt.

The worse a state becomes, the more it taxes its earners, the more it feeds its parasite classes; the more likely it is to send a rodent-like effluvium of ignorant Leftists to Washington, DC. There is only one place worse than New York when it comes to shooting its own economy in the genitalia – that place just got through re-electing both Gerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.

It would be seductively simplistic just to write off the NY-26 electorate. They recently elected the GOP Craig’s List Pervert to fill their congressional seat. That led to last night’s farce of a special election. 8% of them seemed utterly convinced that known leftist “Tea Party Candidate” Jack Davis was a new convert to Conservatism.

However, they correctly figured out that the new GOP Candidate, Jane Corwin, was a fundamentally unqualified, numb drone of political patronage and disingenuous in her claim to be an honorable Conservative. So the people voted for the Democrat. The GOP has stupidly kicked away another NY special election.

We can bemoan the fairness of this all we want. But the NY GOP runs candidates that have the charisma of a ball of phlegm. It gets a little difficult to blame people for wanting to whip it out and urinate in some arrogant Country-Club Republican’s happy, little bowl of granola clusters. We can’t out-Democrat the Democrats in these dystopic, postmodern wastelands of Amerikan crony socialism. The Democrats have the bigger rolodex and the more skillfull Aristocracy of Pull. We have to define a legitimate marginal difference.

In the end, if the GOP is truly moral enough to give a damn about what happens to these old, dying bastions of the failed Blue Social Model, we have to recruit better than Jane Corwin. We need people to see us as a party that cares whether they assume room temperature. We owe Upstate New York better human beings than Jim Tedisco, Jane Corwin and Dede Scozzafava as candidates.

I refuse to blindly blame the voters on this one. I refuse to allow corrupt and amoral weasals that use the GOP as a patronage vessal to wiggle off the hook for this raging fustercluck! People know well if you write their butts off and vote accordingly. It doesn’t require a genius like Norman Einstein to figure out why Upstate New York currently DETESTS the GOP.