50 Million Missing Refugees and Scientists That Cheat On Their Taxes

In 1995 these environmental refugees totalled at least 25 million people,…
The environmental refugees total could well double by 2010 (though there is no good estimate of today’s total)…. When global warming takes hold, there could be as many as 200 million people overtaken by disruptions of monsoon systems and other rainfall regimes, by droughts of unprecedented severity and duration, and by sea-level rise and coastal flooding.


The UN hired Norman Myers to examine what impact Global Warming would have on human habitations. He came back with the paragraph I cited selections from above. That would be quite a claim. 50 Million Environmental refugees by 2010!

It’s a good thing that he put together a graphic to prove it! Oops! As Patterico capably explains, that link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Whatever would we do without Google Cache!

Study the map closely, and you’ll see that the UN predicts a population exodus that includes flight from the following areas: The Bahamas, St. Lucia, Seychelles, and The Solomon Islands. According to Gavin Atkins, a blogger at The Asian Correspondent, this exodus has seemingly had its polarity reversed. The Bahamas is logging a plus 50,047 people from 2000 to 2010. St. Lucia has seen its population grow 5% from 2001 to 2010. The Seychelles have gained 6,500 people between 2002 and 2010 for an increase of approximately 6.5%, and The Solomon Islands have gained c. a 20% increase in population. (HT: The Daily Caller)

So not only is Norman Myers wrong; he was so far off on his predictions that he missed the direction of the population change in every single area he predicted except for New Orleans Louisiana. But the UN then compounds the arrogance by attempting to scrub all evidence that Myers made his claim from their website. And then, after being spectacularly wrong, after miserably botching their attempted cover-up, they double down on the stupid. The barkeep pours them a double-shot in the article below.

“In 2020, the UN has projected that we will have 50 million environmental refugees,” University of California, Los Angeles professor Cristina Tirado said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

“When people are not living in sustainable conditions, they migrate,” she continued, outlining with the other speakers how climate change is impacting both food security and food safety, or the amount of food available and the healthfulness of that food.

(HT: Google News)

I’m amazed. The second time they told this lie, they didn’t even bother to alter the figures. They piggy-backed onto the latest food crisis that resulted from cold winter weather and America’s stupid and immoral ethanol policy and then claimed we’d all better fund Global Warming remediation or else.

I’m insulted that these “scientists” would do such an amateurish, pee-poor job of repackaging their male, bovine scatology. At least try – make it look like you genuinely give a rat-redacted about this cause you so willingly and blatantly lie on behalf of. Could we at least have some propaganda out of the “settled science” establishment that shows imagination?

When I read Time magazine’s shock headline “Tax Study: Scientists More Likely to Cheat Than Lawyers” I laughed it off due to the cognitive dissonance that it caused me. My opinion of the legal profession was such that I didn’t believe the claim was remotely possible.

Then I remember the iniquitous “Hockey Stick Curve”, Harry_Read_Me.Txt, and “Hide The Decline.” At that point, Norman Myers’ claim of “50 million environmental refugees” was what Pink Floyd would call another brick in the wall. Many scientists today are hired guns primarily remunerated to write and produce ideological propaganda in the service of preconceived scientific results. The power of grant money is such that many are no more ethical than the corporate toadies in Eric Hiaasen Books, which he refers to as “Biostitutes.”

This is true whether they work for the UN IPCC, the Enron Corporation or any other aspect of the current Oligarchical Collectivism. Why wouldn’t they cheat on their taxes? What aspect of their current profession is particularly conducive to ethical decency?

Update: Begora!! It’s the quest for the missing link. Now Google Cache has yanked the map!! Fortunately, Anthony Watts made his own personal copy and was kind enough to put out the link.