Man-Up and Drop “Game”. (A Non-Political Blog).

If you’ve read many blogs in the “Manosphere” or the “Alt-Right” you’ve probably seen articles that argue both the pros and cons of “game” as an antidote to feminism. Whether this post qualifies as manly enough for the Manosphere; you can basically put this one down as yet another con. It’s not just that “game” won’t do the job tactically. “Game,” I believe, is yet another way in which the American Man is abdicating his role. Children play games; men do their job.

So what is “game” exactly? It is a formalized set of algorithms by which a man can supposedly make the women around him more receptive to his carnal suggestions. It also represents a set of methods by which a man can enhance his sexual prowess – become the lead dog of the male pack. Finally, when it’s twisted in its worst way, it becomes a way for a weak and disempowered male to “stick it to” those uppity women who are ruining his personal world. When it reaches this point of verging on nasty psychosis, I find that it stops being fun – or particularly good for society at large.

Game consists of two recognized components and one that the slimier players thereof will never quite own up to. Reasonably civilized “Game” bloggers such as Athol Kay, tend to break game down into two basic elements, or sets of technique. A skilled player has “Outside Game.” This involves having a fit physique, a clean yet striking appearance and a fashionable wardrobe and haircut. The second recognized component of game involves “Inside Game.” Inside Game involves understanding what women “really” want and projecting themselves as sympathetic characters or ideal sexual partners through applied Psychology.

The 3rd part of “Game” is not spoken of until you get down into blog comments. Practitioners are hopefully too ashamed to speak of it formerly. I call this “Payback Game.” It involves deliberate use of male seductiveness to deflate or damage a supposedly wicked woman. I consider the practitioners either hollow, zit-like human beings or mendacious victimizers analogous to Bram Stoker’s Dracula character.

That sort of behavior is obviously corrupt and vicious. The creeps that do this sort of thing justify it as “getting back” or “putting feminists back in their place.” In a blog post I’ve already linked above, Brett Stephens describes what the practical effect of “Payback Game” is on society.

As time goes on, the woman and man may want a relationship — but to the man, that’s now a transaction too. While the good times roll, you can be a couple. When that’s over, you remember how little it anchors you — you’re penis #642 down that soft tunnel, another passing visitor — and you move on. The result is neurotic women who give up all their sex, wear themselves out on child rearing, and then spend the rest of their lives alone, surrounded by photographs of what might have been.

(HT: Amerika.org, ObCit).

So the “Payback Gamer” justifies his perfidy by holding a low opinion of women. He therefore feels no particular remorse when he wrecks their very existence through a string of vapid one-night stands. So what? This sort of crap happens in every other arena of human existence. Business, academia, sports, politics, entertainment and even (believe it or not) Civil Service cost estimation, all feature a certain amount of skullduggery.

This matters because it impacts me personally and it further empowers iniquitous people. Look at the standard feminist formulation.

“Men are scum. They keep us down. We are entitled to take what men have. We demand equality. NOW.”

This is where “Payback Game” works perfectly on behalf of the Feminist Scam. If feminist women can make a rational case that men these days are just in it to “hit it and quit,” than women really do need these men like a fish needs a bicycle. Boys who organize their sexual existence around “game” provide the very propaganda fodder feminists need to geld actual men. This sort of borderline pathological sexual behavior has a Consequentialist impact on all men in modern society.

One of the very few things I believe Sigmund Freud got right was the power of sublimation. Men behave differently and far better when they control when, how often and with whom they indulge in intercourse. The cure for feminism is sublimation. That a feminist doesn’t need you does not reflect on your masculinity. Let them go take up mountain biking. It supposedly does wonders for the “Outside Game.”

Men who control their libido control their world and can better influence the course of their future. Good male judgment disarms radical feminism. It’s hard to sexually harass someone you wouldn’t ask out to win a beer bet. It’s hard to oppress a woman you wouldn’t give the time of day.

Feminists should be ignored; not sexually objectified. “Payback Game” not only empowers and fuels the next wave of feminism. It also justifies and legitimizes their most vile and vituperative accusations against the average American Male. “Game” to the extent that it impacts politics, does so negatively for the honorable gentleman. Boys play “game,” adults handle their responsibilities. Let the both the feminists and the loser “Alpha Gamers” be accidentally buried by the cats in the same sandbox.