Dear Congressman Brooks

It has come to my attention that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives Rules Committee is opposed to allowing a vote that would defund ObamaCare. Representative Steve King was not allowed to offer an amendment that would have accomplished said defunding.

This, I find, greatly distressing. Given the mandate that you, and several other freshmen in Congress, have received from your voting constituents, this behooves you to act on Representative King’s behalf. He is genuinely engaged in fighting DC to serve the American People.

Given the projected deficits that our proposed Presidential Budgets will run in the near future, spending money on ObamaCare is an amoral usurpation of our children. It shows a nearly vituperative hostility to the future generations of Americans who will be forced to shovel the mess that the solipsistic Obama Administration will sadly leave in its wake.

Congressman Brooks, I enjoyed the personal honor of voting for you twice – once to turn out the Odious Parker Griffith and once to defeat the Disingenuous Steve Raby. I now want you to repay the trust and confidence that I have reposed in your person.

Please address this rule in either a 1-Minute Special Order, or in the House cloak-room. Please advice your fellow partisans that GOP-aligned voters will tend to view this failure of the House Rules Committee to allow a defunding vote for ObamaCare as a tergiversation of the mandate which you were given when you won your election. I assume your continued goodwill and concern for the majority of Conservative voters in the 5th Alabama Congressional District. We eagerly await your vigorous defense of Rep. Steve King.