Remember The Maine! (And Tucson Too)

Tragedy befell Congresswoman Giffords at a Safeway near Tucson, AZ on 8 January, 2011. A deranged and deracinated failure of a man named Jared Loughner opened fire at a meeting the Congresswoman conducted to interact with her constituents. Giffords was badly wounded, six others were killed. The media smelled opportunity in the proud and honorable tradition of William Randolph Hurst.

Hearst earned well-deserved infamy for his manipulation of the explosion of the USS Maine to enhance the likelihood of a war between The United States and Spain. He wrote inflammatory articles, based on biased and insufficient evidence that implicated the Spanish for having an infernal machine to sink US vessels. The Spanish American War broke out in 1898. Historians believe that it may not have happened with the rhetorical justifications Heart’s dishonest journalism provided.

It took the US Media mere hours after Loughner opened fire to attempt to do William Randolph Hearst proud. The meme-push de jour involved immediate, cynical and hyperbolic accusations that Jared Loughner was brain-washed into doing his evil deed as a result of watching too many Glenn Beck speeches. The inflammatory rhetoric of the vitriolic Right Wing made him do it.

It was as if some TV comic had run a picture of Congresswoman Giffords with the caption “Snipers Wanted” printed underneath. Perhaps if the 2006 Toronto Film Festival had awarded six medals to “Death of a Congresswoman” depicting a Democratic Congresswoman getting murdered by a sniper, that would be vitriolic. If Nicholas Baker had written a hot new novel entitled “Checkpoint” that made cogent moral arguments for the assassination of Democratic Congresswomen based on their political philosophies and actions while in office, that would be rhetoric aimed at inspiring violence. But none of these events ever occurred involving Democrats.

So what has inspired this Moonbat meme-pushing? Kos sums it up with one of his typically despicable impersonations of rational dialogue.

“There more we attack Palin, the more the wingnuts rally around her, which is awesome.”

(HT: Michelle Malkin)

The deluded Left has desired a cudgel to beat the Tea Party Movement into passivity. They want to link them, Sarah Palin, Hannitty and Rush to Jared Loughner. Like the MoveOn.org commercials showing President Bush morphing into Adolf Hitler, these media propagandists are attempting a guilt by association character assassination against their political opponents.

Hearst used exaggerated and dishonest evidence to implicate Spain for the USS Maine explosion. Chris Matthews attempts to smear Glenn Beck by fallaciously linking him to the recent Three-Bong-Hit Sirhan-Sirhan down in Tucson. Hearst hoped to enlist public opinion to coerce the US Government into declaring war on Spain. Mathews, Dupnik, et al. are attempting to use the terrible mass-shooting in Tucson to damage the reputations and credibility of every major speaker and politician that opposes the agenda of President Barack Obama.

Chris Matthews doesn’t print his stuff on yellow paper. He’d have a very hard time controlling his crayon as the thrills went up his leg. The technology has changed how the media lies to people. However, the theories of dishonest journalism remain constant. Hearst told us all to remember the Maine. Matthews, Kos and others of their despicable ilk invite us all to join them in another Wellstone Funeral and remember Tucson. They wouldn’t want a good crisis to ever go to waste.