Diversity Is A Euphemism For National Suicide

Diversity by its nature deconstructs the implicit consensus of civilization, a shared sense of values, heritage, language and culture. The result is that people cannot plan their actions knowing what will be rewarded and what will be censured. Chaos and retribution result.

– Brett Stevens (HT: Amerika.org)

We are told by the 4th Estate that diversity is strength. We are a melting pot, a polyglot nation, the last great welcoming station of humanity. We should celebrate that diversity. We should do everything in our power to foster it further. If old-fashioned and boring traditions get in its way, the traditions must die. The old ways must pass on in favor of modernity.

This is a prime example of a “Noble Lie.” Diversity is not to be celebrated. It is, at best, confusing as hell. We get through the day sometimes based on our ability to apply our well-earned polities and lubricate our otherwise friction-heated interactions with the basic courtesies of social convention. What, pray tell happens when the courtesies are not understood or well-defined? Once deconstructed in Post-Modern fashion, with what are they replaced?

These niceties, like shaking hands right-handed, were methods of preventing open mayhem. You can’t very well undo the peace-tie on your Claymore if the other lug is pumping your sword-arm with his best and strongest grip. The sword-fight doesn’t take place, but the gentlemen still compete. Tell me, what do you really think of a gentleman with too hard or worse yet; too soft a handshake?

What happens when these niceties are totally absent? Where there is no longer anything close to a prevailing national culture to stem the brutal instincts of the primate Homo Sapiens, people of all races, classes and faiths revert to the primitive. The primitive gets off on killing people. It’s better to let Sheriff Lee Baca of LA County tell you about the dark and bloody ground where Pico Ave. crosses Union than to ever set foot there yourself.

So let me be very clear about one thing: We have a serious interracial violence problem in this county involving blacks and Latinos. Some people deny it. They say that race is not a factor in L.A.’s gang crisis; the problem, they say, is not one of blacks versus Latinos and Latinos versus blacks but merely one of gang members killing other gang members (and yes, they acknowledge, sometimes the gangs are race-based). But they’re wrong. The truth is that, in many cases, race is at the heart of the problem. Latino gang members shoot blacks not because they’re members of a rival gang but because of their skin color. Likewise, black gang members shoot Latinos because they are brown.

– Sheriff Lee Baca (HT: LA Times)

How to solve this? Simply stop forcing people to mix at legal gunpoint. They don’t want to and consider it condescending to say the least. African Americans and Hispanics I’ve spoken to about race don’t want to spend leisure time around or be like White people. They rebel against, and are disgusted by a central authority that tells them that they should. None of this means they personally hate Whites, per se. However, an authority forcing people; athwart their traditions and instincts to submerge into an alien cultural world, greatly enhances the odds of individual representatives of these groups going totally postal.

Liberaltarian and Expatriot Crank, Fred Reed described well how this effected daily life in The United States of Generika. He described the Generican Pysche that he left behind below.

Add it up. A frightened people over-controlled, having no communal roots, blocked by government from raising their children as they see fit, perilously indebted, sexually confused, and lacking a sense of permanence or of a connection with the natural world, both of which have since time immemorial mitigated a certain emptiness in human affairs. Like a dog tormented by evil children, the country is ready to bite. And it does.

(HT: Fredoneverything.com)

I buttress this with a vignette from the amusingly paranoid James Howard Kuntsler. Today, he thinks us crazed Right-Wingers are itching to reprise Bastille Day and parade through the streets with heads upon pikes. He does, however, offer us an interesting take on Homer and The Iliad.

Q: why did Achilles drag Hector around the city of Troy three times? A: Because he [Achilles] was just that pissed off.

(HT: Clusterf— Nation)

Left in peace and not forced out of our comfort zones, Americans of all races and religions are a beneficent people. Even the non-Christians among us tend to follow a doctrine of peace to all and good will among men. Americans will practice a life of peace as long as they receive the fair and just opportunity to garner the plentitude and raise their offspring as they see good and fit to.

But we are not left in peace by our government, our media or our popular culture. We are harangued of our supposed moral short-comings. Told we are not accepting of others who seek to eat out our sustenance and over-determine our very existence. You can only wind any rational man’s coil so tightly before ratiocination fails and tension leads to explosive decompression. At that point of disequilibrium, dragging Hector’s sorry, dead rectum thrice around the Gates of Troy becomes diversionary; not perverse.

We ultimately need to decide who we are, what we expect of one another and then teach and justly enforce these things. Once these practices grow to be accepted and traditional folkways, our governance has succeeded and the commonweal proceeds well with benign neglect and gentle steering.

Instead we practice an ill-defined will-o-the-wisp called diversity. A diversity that is homogeneous across all situations in that it forces us ever towards the lowest common denominator. This diversity is not strength; but is instead a euphemism for our cultural and national suicide.