On One Topic; Sharon Angle Was Magnificently Right

Man Up, Harry!

Sharon Angle in her one shining moment.

It was a miserable afternoon for Vince Young and his entire team; the Tennessee Titans. They had just managed to be the only team in the last five weeks to manage a loss to the Washington Quitskins. Young had also badly injured one his fingers, and was knocked out of the game. Vince was, shall we say, rather Obamanesque about how he handled things. Details of his Chernobyl Moment follow below.

Following the game, Young reportedly threw his pads into the stands while heading to the locker room. Shortly thereafter, Young stormed out of the locker room in street clothes. Shortly after that, Titans coach Jeff Fisher indicated that Young would not be the starter, injury or no.

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We sort of expect that out of sports figures. I wouldn’t referee a modern Pro Tennis match if I were too thin-skinned to accept these overpaid spoiled brats questioning the marital status of my parents when I was born. In pro sports, it goes with the immature, ego-centric territory. But what happens when that sort of individual gets put in charge of things that matter before I’ve had three beers?

We saw just a glimpse of the Vince Young Man-Boy mentality when Barack Obama explained the recent compromise he reached with Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, on taxation and Unemployment Insurance. Peggy Noonan gives us the lay of the Presidential Romper-Room.

His statement was startling in the breadth of its animosity. Republicans are “hostage takers” who worship a “holy grail” of “tax cuts for the wealthy.” “That seems to be their central economic doctrine.” As for the left, they ignore his accomplishments and are always looking for “weakness and compromise.” They are “sanctimonious,” “purist,” and just want to “feel good about” themselves. In a difficult world, they cling to their “ideal positions” and constant charges of “betrayals.”


The White House wait staff came in, after the reporters left aghast, and rapidly wiped up all the globs of baby food. Yet the Democrats, and by extension, the rest of the Americans, have a problem the Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks don’t have. Absolutely no one is willing and able to step up and be the next man up. The One, is discovering why Three Dog Night called one the loneliest number.

It’s not bad enough that our President has, how shall I put this nicely, a rather enhanced self-regard. It’s not bad enough that the schmuck lies like an Army Recruiter 20% under quota. If you like your current insurance, you’ll toadally get to keep it.” It’s, well, that he’s a feminine mammal of the feline persuasion.

All right, all right, I can’t stand my own euphemisms. The man disgusts me more than the typical Julio-Claudian Roman Emperor. He’s a pussy! He’s a wuss! He’s a momma’s boy that should have been stuck back in the oven until he finished cooking! He needs, as Sharon Angle put it, to man up!

I don’t have to root for this man to fail. He does that so well on his own accord. I just have to keep myself and my family out of the carnage – from his ongoing train-wreck of a Presidency. This man’s adolescent development must have proceeded about as well as a North Korean rice harvest. He has issues that would make Dr. Phil run away and become a Buddhist Monk.

As my five or six constant readers know well, I wasn’t exactly crazy about the whole tax-cut extension deal. I thought he was lining up a way to vote present on taxation and spending issues so that it could remain “Mr. Bush’s Deficit” up until his re-election campaign. It was a profile in cowardice, Dunkirk on the Potomac. As Monty Python once sang: “He Bravely ran away; away. He bravely ran away!”

But then, by his reaction to the fact that he was no longer able to say “I won. I will trump you on that.” he proved yet again that he had no more leadership potential than the typical fat, bratty five-year-old that throws all the Jenga Blocks at the wall after his tower falls over. The impact of this will be terrible for his party; and for America.

This temporarily kills the Dems because they now deal with the GOP majority in the House with a leader no rational man would follow to the urinals. This kills the nation because as soon as John Boehner sits down to work with Barack Obama, The Boy President will puff up his chest and flex his diminutive class-warrior biceps. He’ll have to prove to the Democratic Party’s Gramscian Base that he still can successfully pee-pee standing up.

That stream of urination will predictably land on the heads of the American People. It will be a tedious, counter-productive, and painful two years for America unless our Boy President takes a word of partisan advice from Defeated Senatorial Candidate, Sharon Angle. America needs him to man up.