Convicted On Camera, Innocent In the Real World.

“The speculation is that the FBI is close to making the case. They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well. There are still some holes in this case”.

– Tom Brokaw “reports” on the prosecution of Richard Jewell. (HT: Wikipedia)

The Texas Rangers and the Mainstream media; they always get their man. The media, of course, doesn’t seem to care much whether it gets the right one. As long as the page clicks and TV audiences come rolling in, the media has accomplished its mission.

In the cases of Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing of 1996, and The Murder of Chandra Levy in 2001, they were both spectacularly wrong about who they convicted; on camera, without the benefit of a twelve person jury. While Richard Jewell and Former Congressman Gary Condit share little in common, each can properly claim to being falsely accused of murder by the modern unethical media machinery that makes American News a joke the world laughs at to our faces.

Jewell worked as a security guard at the Atlanta Olympics. He wanted to be a police officer and was young and overzealous about his pursuit. People who knew Jewell described him as a “badge-wearing zealot” who wrote “epic police reports” and who fit a “lone wolf” criminal profile.

This proved laughable in the end. Jewell was a confused but inspired young man. He really didn’t know how to make it the world yet. He probably came off as pretty dim and almost stereotypical to people who tend to bear racial or classist animus against struggling blue-collar, Southern White people. Never mind the fact that this ferocious, ravening “lone wolf” lived back home with his mother.

July 27, 1996, Richard Jewell reported seeing a suspicious back pack in the Olympic park and told his bosses. They tried to evacuate the park, but to no avail. The backpack contained three pipe bombs with nitroglycerin. They detonated at 1:20 AM and killed two while wounding 111 others.

The media bigotry machine then spun into high gear. Jewell was White, Southern and the perfect McVeigh 2.0. The media smelled RATINGS BONANZA!!! The New York Post called Jewell “a Village Rambo” and “a fat, failed former sheriff’s deputy.” The infamously biased Atlanta Journal Constitution referred to Jewell as “an individual with a bizarre employment history and aberrant personality” and compared him to serial killer Wayne Williams.

It was later discovered that a domestic terrorist, with militant views, really had planted the bomb. That individual was Eric Rudolph; not Richard Jewell. Jewell was exonerated, but the damage to him was irreparable.

In the end, the false accusations ruined Richard Jewell’s life and health. Like former Reagan-appointee Ray Donovan, he wondered where he could go to get his reputation back. He was cleared of wrong-doing, and belatedly recognized by Georgia’s Governor in 2006 for attempting to save people’s lives at Olympic Park. However, he died at age 44, after a myriad of health problems.

Chandra Levy, who had recently started a career as a Federal Bureau of Prisons Intern, was found dead in Rock Creek, MD in May of 2001. It was soon avowed that she was sexually involved with California Congressman Gary Condit, and the media immediately latched on to Condit as a possible suspect. Condit, attempting to prevent political damage, attempted to stonewall all inquiries into his involvement with Levy. This proved to be a career-ending mistake as Wikipedia reports below.

Condit, a married man who represented the congressional district in which the Levy family resided, at first denied that he had had an affair with her. His later statements left open the possibility of an affair. Even though police repeatedly stated that Condit was not a suspect, many in the media, along with Levy’s family, felt that Condit was still being evasive and possibly hiding information about the matter. Police searched Condit’s apartment. Condit later refused to submit to a polygraph test administered by the D.C. police. He also tried to avoid answering direct questions during a televised interview on August 23, 2001, with news anchor Connie Chung on the ABC News program Primetime Thursday.

Condit was cleared of the murder, but from May 2001 until 9-11-2001, Chandra Levy’s picture was beamed into every TV screen in America. Condit was professionally done. Much of his ruin occurred at the hands of Dominic Dunne who reported the following.

Back in December of 2001, Dominick Dunne went on national radio and television and he told a story that basically accused Gary Condit of frequenting Middle Eastern embassies where he engaged in sexual activity with prostitutes, and during those times, he made it clear that he wanted someone to get rid of Chandra Levy. That conveyed that Gary Condit was involved in her kidnapping and in her murder, that friends of Gary Condit’s had her kidnapped, put in an airplane and dropped in the Atlantic Ocean.

– Condit Attorney – L. LIN WOOD. (HT: Fox News)

The Democrats unfortunately had enough wisdom to primary him and hold onto the Congressional seat. Condit, while not a slave-trafficker, kidnapper or shootist, was a less than exemplary character. This, however, in no way justified Dominick Dunne or any other tabloid-terrorist who coined money off of false accusations against Condit’s person. Despite Condit’s disingenuous activities after Levy turned up missing, Condit was later vindicated when an illegal alien from El Salvador was found guilty of killing Levy.

Whether driven by ratings, ideological hatred, or a desire to be in the herd, these media lynchings are a disgrace to modern America. They are yet another example of why the blogosphere does and must exist. The stories of Richard Jewell and Gary Condit are like the Journolist controversy earlier this year. They clearly demonstrate the fundamental lack of decency or honesty in America’s professional media class.