The Land of The Less Free and The Home of The Flak Catchers - 9-11 Worked Like Hell

To dispel this long-standing doubt and simmering distrust toward Muslims in America, the greater population of peace-loving Muslims needs to give voice to a sustained public denunciation that expresses their outrage toward violent Muslim extremism. Unless and until that happens, it is very likely that there will continue to be confusion about the use of the phrase, “violent Muslim extremists.”

-Poster Atrader (HT: Business Insider)

Tom Wolfe was at his best when he ridiculed the sensitivities of the American Social Elite. His masterpiece Radical Chic and The Mau-Mauing of The Flak Catchers, tells the story of a dinner party where Leonard Bernstein raised funds for The Black Panthers. This party featured a leader of the Black Panther Party strutting around and looking hard while he talked clap-trap about “Offing the Pigs.” This seemingly disgusting behavior netted the man thousands of dollars in checks from New York City’s Liberal White Guilt Elite.

Wolfe tells a similar story about how the Office of Economic Opportunity handed out grants in San Francisco, CA.

…they sat back and waited for you to come rolling in with your certified angry militants, your guaranteed frustrated ghetto youth, looking like a bunch of wild men.” If the bureaucrats got so shook up that “their eyes froze into iceballs . . . they knew you were the right studs to give the poverty grants and community organizing jobs to.

(Ob. Cit. Time magazine)

Islam knows what the Tom Wolfe’s Mau-Mauers knew back in the 60’s. Punch a rich American hard in the gut and he’s your (expletive). On 9-11-01 we took a haymaker. The referee could have counted all day. Only after two weeks did we really and truly clean out the cobwebs. Since then, we’ve been increasingly subservient to the ones who hit us. 9-11 worked like Hell.

Mau-Mauing needs to be very visual to truly be effective. The Beheading of Daniel Pearl was one the most effective Mau-Mauings ever executed-anywhere. As we see here, it makes the Black Panther Party look like pussies. It was a deliberate, calculated operation designed to silence all who would criticize Islam.

NPR’s recent decision to fire Juan Williams is objective proof that the elite of American Society lack the fundamental courage necessary to defeat Al Qaeda in any prolonged military struggle. Juan Williams made the following statement and got fired for it.

“[W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

(HT: Michelle Malkin –cited above)

NPR is well-behaved in their Dhimmitude. They know who Daddy is. Sorry George Soros, it just isn’t you. Of course NPR officially acted in response to the usual jacquerie of the Mau-Mau-ed. This particular unwashed mob include The Huffington Post, Think Progress (where are those html sarcasm tags I keep wishing for?), Andrew “Amateur Gynecologist” Sullivan, and playing the role of The Black Panther Party, there was CAIR.

NPR has yet to fire Nina Totenburg for anything she may have said on air to offend the North American Association of Docile White Persons. That lesson will not be lost. It will not be lost on La Raza. It will not be lost on The New Black Panthers Polling Place Enforcement Team. It will not be lost what’s left of the KKK. It will not be lost on meth-addled motorcycle gangs of Stormfront.

What will be lost is civil society in The United States of America. In Modern America we don’t reason together until both sides have proven a willingness to kill and leave blood in the gutter. The nice guys like Juan Williams will henceforth have their intestines eaten by the ravening pack of wolves.

The true reason 9-11 worked like hell goes far beyond the carnage and ruin that blanketed New York City that tragic morning. It worked where the wealthy and powerful of American society work and live. It worked in the posh, palatial penthouse of every modern Leonard Bernstein in America.

NPR demonstrates the extent to which America is now a failing empire. NPR’s decision proves the accuracy of President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder when he called the United States of America “a nation of cowards.” When it comes to standing up against the depredations of radical Islam, Americans are pussies, Americans are wussies. Face it America, the Americans currently running this nation are wimps.

This year’s edition of the NFL Dallas Cowboys is truly America’s Team. They celebrate until they draw penalties when they are winning, and they lack the testicular fortitude to close the deal when the chips start going down. The Taliban soldiers watch this in Afghanistan and smell American pussy from thousands of miles away. They know the difference between a real man and a trash-talker. NPR has talked state-sponsored leftist trash for lo the decades.

Does anyone in their right mind think that some moderate Muslim, in accordance with Atrader’s wishes, will denounce OBL this morning? In the modern American Nation of Cowards, you keep your mouth shut and back the stronger horse.