The GOP Should Be More Like China – (At Least In Dealing With Barackian Dualism)

“It’s totally wrong to blame the yuan for the Sino-U.S. trade imbalance,” he said, “The Chinese yuan shouldn’t be a scapegoat for the U.S.’ domestic economic problems.”

– Yao Jian, Chinese Ministry of Commerce. (HT: telegraph.com)

It was scant hours before the US government intended to bash China for its purportedly unfair trade practices. Unofficial Obama Administration Economic Spokesman, George Soros, was warning the Chinese of a possible currency war if they continued what he termed a “chronic trade surplus.” He wrote the following commentary in The Financial Times.

“Whether it realizes it or not, China has emerged as a leader of the world. If it fails to live up to the responsibilities of leadership, the global currency system is liable to break down and take the global economy with it.”

– George Soros (HT: The Telegraph)

This is not to say that President Obama and his loafer-licking toadies don’t raise valid issues. The Chinese view trade as yet another venue for the Game of Thrones and feel about as obligated to play fairly as Peyton Manning would with the other team’s Defensive Backs. However, when the Chinese Spokesman Yao Jian stopped a sentiment short of telling the Amerikan Gubbermint what to do with the animals down on the farm; he dealt perfectly with America’s detestable Boy President. The GOP should adopt similar tactics when they deal with his endless smears and the nastiness.

The Obama Administration uses Manichean Dualism as well as any recent President since Bill Clinton. Barack Obama takes whatever is wrong with your life and blames it foursquare and solidly on the GOP. “They” want the “Black Folks” to stay home in 2010. “They” want to outsource your jobs to the Land of Mordor; where the PRC makes cheap plastic toys. If the GOP lets Barack Obama get away with the philosophical coding of “They”==GOP, the GOP is well neigh Schumered in 2012; and possibly a little while beyond.

So what does the GOP do about The Blameinator at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Hit back hard. Counter the distracting ad hominem with logical, policy-based attacks on point. Victor Davis Hanson does an elegant job of addressing Barack Obama’s failure in diagnosing reality below.

There was no need right off the bat, in the midst of a recession, to nationalize health care, push cap and trade through the House, digest the student loan program, sell cash for clunkers, or celebrate mega-deficit stimulus borrowing. Unemployment was the key and was ignored….

Hanson then continues to describe Professor Obama’s incapability to understand the entrepreneurial mind.

Yes, businesses are run by real people with feelings and sensory perception. They “get” the demonization of those who make over $250,000, the loose talk of VAT taxes, caps off income subject to payroll taxes, health care surcharge taxes, a return to the Clinton tax rates only on top incomes, higher capital gains taxes and new inheritances taxes.

Add all that to new health care and financial regulations, and the message is clear the American private sector is suspect rather than industrious and critical to our nation’s economic life. After Obama’s slurs against Fox, the Republican leadership, insurers, Wall Street, doctors, police, the people of Arizona, or opponents of the Ground Zero mosque, fairly or not, a lot of people conclude that he does not like them or what they do or what they represent.

-Victor Davis Hanson (HT: Works and Days)

And, Victor Davis Hanson tops this off by stating a significant effect of Obama’s error. He relates the impact of specific decisions taken by Obama’s Administration to bad events that occur in our national economy. This is a critical step in attacking intelligently and properly. It follows below.

So trillions of dollars in capital are waiting on the sidelines until November and proof that the Obama agenda is stalled.

(Hanson Ob. Cit.)

This condign retaliation would accomplish two things. One is tactical, one is strategic. The tactical gains come from tearing off Barack I’s Superman Cape and from inspiring the GOP base.

I’m far from the only Republican Loyalist to have smiled and shook my head a bit in admiration when Sharon Angle told Harry Reid to “Man Up.” She put him on his can right then and there. Even the Lamestream Media outlets who hate “Tea-Baggers” as a professional obligation; score this as a win for Angle. Reid is now more beatable this morning because people have visual evidence that it really can happen.

Strategically, this gets back to the dualism. “They” == GOP is a logical syllogism that we cannot allow to compile. It can get into the newspapers, the movies, novels, popular music and eventually, even the textbooks your little children learn history from. What De Las Casas did to the Spanish Empire, Barack Obama can do to the GOP.

We have to categorically reject Obama’s risible propaganda with a battery acid enema of factual refutation. La Leyenda Negra gave the Dutch and English a tool with which they could destroy Spain’s moral position the way Sir Francis Drake could destroy it’s naval armadas. This is a similar tactic to what Barack Obama is attempting to accomplish with his dualistic political attacks. We need to tell him what the PRC told him about trade. It has something to do with the horse he rode into office on.