Jerry Brown – NOW More Than Ever

A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women.

– Spengler (HT: Asia Times Online)

That didn’t take long. Like a battered woman, returning faithfully to a meth-addicted boyfriend, in a soiled “wife-beater” T-Shirt, NOW has pledged anew its fealty to the repugnant Jerry Brown. They endorsed him for Governor of California in his race against successful career woman Meg Whitman.

“As Governor, Mayor, and Attorney General, Jerry Brown has promoted and defended women’s rights,” California NOW (CA-NOW) President Patty Bellasalma said. “Jerry stands for fairness and equality and never ever backs down. We have every confidence that he will do the same as California’s next governor.”

(OBCIT Yahoo).

This endorsement came late in a competitive race and less than 24 hours after Candidate Brown had been humiliated by a recording of his own wife calling Whitman a whore. He is quoted as saying “I’m going to use that.” He now uses the National Organization of Women instead.

NOW tells women of California that they should practice good gender politics by voting against the ultimate intelligent, diligent and successful female role-model. As President and CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman is the first female billionaire. She sits on the Princeton Board of Visitors and she and her husband have given the university $30M in alumni donations. Perhaps most importantly, she drives her two boys to school every morning.

Chuck Norris would show this woman the respect that Jerry Brown doesn’t seem to have in his character to show. Meg Whitman is made out of awesome. I mean, what has this small and petty man done for women compared to Meg Whitman? Anna Belle Pfau of Ms. Magazine offers up some answers. She offers the Greatest Hits Album of Jerry Brown on women’s and minority issues.

More women should be in the home, taking care of their children. Then we’d have fewer social problems.

I am against abortion and I feel more strongly than ever about that,” he said. “But I also deeply respect the autonomy and integrity of each person and that means to me that you trust women to make these judgments on their own and not to call upon the coercive power of the state.

[A]s Jerry said, “blacks [were] the wrong symbol in the 1970s.” Chicanos were OK – in late 1974, Jerry told Lorenz that he planned “to tilt towards the Mexican-Americans” – but blacks were bad, imagewise. Except blacks were useful in Jerry’s racist fantasy of an integrated work-camp for teenagers: “The black kids can teach the white kids how to fight and the white kids can teach the black kids how to read,” he mused.”

(HT: The New Agenda)

Susan Estrich has experienced the back of Jerry Brown’s hand as well. She debated him once in 1995 on an epsidoe of “Firing Line” with William F. Buckley Jr. Estrich argued that mammograms should receive greater funding and support as a way to enhance the early detection and reduce the mortality rate from breast cancer. Jerry Brown beclowned himself by offering us the Andrew Dice Clay viewpoint on women’s health issues.

“Can we get off of mammograms?” Brown interjected. “I mean, first of all, if you read the Lancet Magazine in July, there’s no statistical evidence that mammograms help anyone at any age. “So it’s July 1995, Lancet Magazine. Okay? It’s there. Now I don’t want to argue that case,” he added, as Estrich started to object. “ I just want to throw it out there.”

(HT: Politico)

Jerry Brown and much of the professional left talk one game about women and play an entirely different one. They like women who they represent and control. They treat the first female billionaire in a manner reminiscent of how the Duke of Burgundy treated Joan of Arc. Their behavior towards Sarah Palin in 2008 inspires ongoing contempt.

Liberals like Edmund “Gerry” Brown are only protective of their women in a manner similar to how a pimp looks after his “ladies”. They sell these women out at the first opportunity and profit from the destruction of their reputation. Gloria Allred is the embodiment of successful liberal womanhood.

Thus the Governor’s Race in California offers women undecided between Liberalism and Conservatism an instructive choice. Who do Liberal women look up to? Gloria Allred. Who do Conservative women look up to? Meg Whitman.

Who would you rather be? Which one of these two women has genuine freedom? That answer is obvious. Just ask Susan Estrich how powerful Liberal men react when The Little Woman goes and gets uppity.