Vote Against Those Who KNOW What’s Good For You

“Barack is one of the smartest people you will ever encounter who will deign to enter this messy thing called politics.”

– Michelle Obama (HT: NRO)

It was just after the 2004 Elections and Thomas Frank was about as sore a loser as you could get. He needed to go sit in a bathtub with his Epsom salts and stop whinging, but he just couldn’t. He wrote his masterpiece of condescending “Progressive” arrogance entitled What’s The Matter With Kansas? instead.

In 2010, as was the case in 2004, Kansas doesn’t have many problems that a good wheat harvest and some decent reform of the mortgage process wouldn’t effectively solve. Having outsourced Kathleen Sibelius to Washington, DC, they’ve even augmented the mean IQ in each location. But Kansas, per se, wasn’t what Thomas Frank really wrote his polemic about. He wanted to know why you morons out in Jeebus Land just couldn’t convert to Progressivism instead.

We fast forward to today and discover that nothing has changed in the “Progressive” mind-set. Having Democrats control Congress for 4 years – with majorities larger than at any time since Lyndon Johnson was fumbling the Vietnam War, has done nothing to curdle their acerbic disdain and contempt. The always tolerant and open-minded Eugene Robinson tells us what “Progressives” truly think of the American Electorate.

This isn’t an “electoral wave,” it’s a temper tantrum.

(HT: The Democrat and Chronicle)

What the liberals will never admit is that they aren’t particularly smarter, more advanced or more moral than the rest of the nation. What people are angry over relates much more to performance, rather than social values. Values voters have a role in the Conservative Movement and do everything they can to keep a despicable popular culture from dragging our nation to the bottom of a life-style septic tank.

However, they have much work to do before any part of America qualifies as Jeebus-Land. Judge Roy Moore, the foremost Paladin of The Religious Right since Reverend Falwell departed the mortal coil, can’t do better than 4th in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary – in Alabama!

This turn against Progressivism has to do with deltas. Deltas between what Progressives promise to the marks, oops I mean voters, and what actually transpires in reality. Who can possibly forget President Obama’s repeated promise to uncertain Middle Class voters during the healthcare debate. “If you like your current plan you can keep it.”

If you work for McDonald’s Restaurant you can (expletive) and forget it! Details of the glorious triumph that is ObamaCare follow below.

McDonald’s told federal regulators in the memo that it would be “economically prohibitive” for its insurance carrier to continue to cover hourly workers unless it receives a waiver to the 80 percent minimum requirement, the Journal reported.

Many McDonald’s hourly workers are covered by the “mini-med” policies and pay around $14 per week for a plan capping annual benefits at $2,000 per year, or a similar plan in which they pay $32 per week and annual benefits are capped at $10,000, the Journal said.

(HT: ABC News)

Also, President Barack Obama told us that if we passed his Stimulus Bill, than Caterpillar Corp would hire back a whole bunch of laid-off workers. Guess what!? Caterpillar is about to hire big time – in China!

And please, don’t get me a-comin’ to Jeebus about the Recovery Summer! Jim Mora says it better. I’ll let him handle the rant.

That’s pitiful! I mean, it’s absolutely pitiful to perform like that. Pitiful!…. What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?

– NFL Head Coach, Jim Mora (HT: Jimmoraplayoffs.com)

So, yeah, maybe the voters this year are a wee bit ticked off. But when you’ve got a House of Representatives that can’t even pass a budget…Playoffs? It’s enough to make any average working American go Rick Santelli. You mean we actually paid these kfuctards for that!? Playoffs?

So do not let the tolerant, cultured, nuanced, rico and suave left berate and belittle you over your anger. Your anger is a sign of your continued sentience. Their governing has been atrocious. You should be angry. Bede Jarret describes the condign righteousness of our anger better than I could.

The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.

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