Earth to David Guggenheim – Krypton Does Not Exist and Superman Isn’t Coming

It seems that the gallant and worthy citizens of The Renowned and Ancient Kingdom of Spain don’t particularly like austerity. They’ve taken to the streets of Madrid to Rodney King Riot the heck out of their already crumbling and inadequate municipal infrastructure.

Traditionally, here in America, we don’t appreciate austerity either. Americans have a different mode of coping – we seek gainful employment. The Spaniards consider that demeaning. They would rather blow things up. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it here again. The Tea Partiers are all that stands between The American Lexus Leftists and the pitch-forks.

There is a reason for that that the Progressives (where are those html sarcasm tags when I need them?) are hermetically sealed from successfully understanding. Unlike David Guggenheim, nobody in America’s Middle Class seriously waits around for Superman. They aren’t even gullible enough to spend much time waiting for Godot. Like the existential role-model, we deal with existential angst by getting off our butts and doing something. We control at least a portion of our own future and feel responsible for that.

We see the Progressive mindset writ large in David Guggenheim’s latest documentary Waiting For Superman. The film takes on the subject of failing schools. Sadly, as Guggenheim’s earlier work, An Inconvenient Truth strongly indicates, this man IS NOT a Tea-Partier.

Guggenheim tells about the lives of five school-age children shooting for inclusion in Urban Charter Schools. They participate in what Steve Sailer refers to as the “Yale or Jail” lottery. If they get to the charter school they live happily ever after. If they don’t, they get a real-life bit part in something akin to the HBO Series “The Wire.”

At this point, the didactic Guggenheim doesn’t even allow the possibility of the families sending the little darling to live with Aunt Sally. None of these five families seriously consider eating lots of Ramen Pride Noodles to put the kids in a Montessori School. None pull up stakes and head out between the trees where schools have old-fashioned “3R’s” curriculums. Life is just a rigged binomial experiment with Anton Chigurh in charge of flipping the coins.

No, Progressive Documentaries don’t make actual progress as far as suggesting solutions. This one doesn’t really do so either. It blames cruddy teachers and hack unions. I agree, to a point. We should castigate cruddy teachers and hack unions. But why not fix the mess?

Why not kick bad teachers off the pay-rolls? Let’s actively expel the worst 2% of the student body. Yes, they will have problems later. No, that unpleasant fact does not entitle them to make life miserable for the other 98% right now.

What is being done to punish failing schools? Anything? Do we emulate the White Flight of Lexus Liberals like David Guggenheim, and leave these poor children behind? Where I live, I certainly did, a lot of my paycheck goes towards keeping my child away from the Alabama Edumacayshun Association. I do so admitting that this only solves my problems – not those of our declining and increasingly senescent national culture.

The aforementioned Alabama Teachers’ Mafia points out that 12% of Charter Schools get de-chartered for failing to meet their own goals. As I said before…

This, I solemnly believe, argues strongly in favor of charter schools ….600 of the charter schools actually face consequences when they screw up. Having the bottom 12% of them fail is a good thing. I wish there was a viable alternative to the bottom 12% of the public schools…

(HT: Redstate.com)

Superman isn’t coming and Krypton does not exist. The AEA would use all of its finely-honed political muscle to see to it that he was denied tenure. Competent individuals are invariable cast as a threat to the faux-benevolence of collectivism. Guggenheim would rather see us wait for the Tooth Fairy than hire a decent professional dentist.

One of Guggenheim’s interview puppets explains that if we could just fire the bottom 6% of the teachers, we’d have schools that are just as good as Finland. I lack a script for An Inconvenient Truth, but I’m sure if we just cut back the CO2 by a mere 6%, we could also freeze our butts off in the winter. You guessed it – just like Finland.

Fortunately for parents not swimming in Guggenheim-sized bathtubs of filthy Hollywood lucre, Tea-Partiers are doing something about this problem. The first step to combating the AEA is to fire its political agents. President Barack Obama killed the DC Charter School program referenced in Guggenheim’s documentary. The NEA paid him handsomely for the hit.

This November a bunch of the Congressional Kobolds who abetted President Obama’s “reforms” will go down like Frazier when he fought Ali. Snort at “Taliban Dan” all you want, David Guggenheim. He isn’t waiting for Superman.

Unlike the rioting Spaniards, we don’t have the angst of a meaningless life. We didn’t expect superman, and we don’t burn the city out of frustration when things aren’t handed to us on a silver platter.

Again, President Obama should offer a grateful prayer of thankfulness that he gets The Tea Party as a national protest movement. He could face a nation full of disillusioned socialists who realize that he isn’t even close to being Superman.