Loretta Sanchez Finds Zips In The Wire!

Capt. Harris: Snakebite leader, Ripper Bravo Six, we’re gonna need you soonest be advised I’ve got zips in the wire down here, over!

from Platoon by Oliver Stone (HT: IMDB.com)

The balkanization of America, on behalf of so-called diversity, will destroy any sense of national unity that we may ever hope to foster. It is truly the antithesis to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of national liberation. Nobody offers a better living exemplar of the claim I just stated than Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. La Racista de La Raza offered up the following polemic concerning her opponent.

“ … the Vietnamese and the Republicans are — with an intensity — trying to take away this seat, this seat that we [Democrats] have done so much for our community, take away this seat from us and give it to this Van Tran, who’s very anti-immigrant and very anti-Latino.”

– Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (HT: BigGovernment.com)

Hmmm…where to begin. I’m sure her mother and Senator Robert Byrd’s Iniquitous Poltergeist are both proud. If only she had thought of making the Vietnamese voters in her district have to guess the number of jelly beans in a glass jar before they could register. It’s dangerous when their kind get allowed to vote. Life under Primogeniture would be so much simpler.

But alas, Abraham Lincoln and those nasty Republicans went and insisted on the 14th Amendment. Now, The Tea Party Express has encompassed her motte-and-bailey of racial gerrymandering. They have endorsed her opponent Van Tran. Tran offers us the following insights into the evils and perils of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Dear Friends,

I’m running for Congress because in too many areas, business-as-usual politics has prevented us from addressing the important challenges facing our nation. In these tough economic times, we need a steady, articulate voice against the “pork” and over-spending of government.

Every dollar irresponsibly spent by Congress is a dollar diverted from pressing priorities like creating jobs, lowering tax burdens on working Americans, supporting those fighting overseas, making good on our promises to senior citizens, and paying down the national debt.

Instead of controlling runaway spending, Congress is bailing out big corporations and breaking ethics laws. Let’s bring character and integrity back to Congress and protect our children’s future from today’s overspending.”

– ASSEMBLYMAN VAN TRAN (HT:Joinvantran.com)

Everywhere you go, those crazy Tea Partiers say the same whacky things. Here’s an example of the groupthink being peddled by Incipient Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Al)

I decided to run for Congress because, like many of you, I’m concerned about the direction I see our country headed in right now. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has led her fellow Democrats away from the foundational principles this nation was built upon, and towards a socialist philosophy that has not worked anywhere in the world where it has been tried.

If we are to stop the Pelosi/Obama Democrats, it is critical that we elect a new majority to the House of Representatives this year to unseat Speaker Pelosi. I want to be part of that majority so that I can go to Washington and stand up for the values we hold dear in North Alabama — values like our free enterprise system, holding the line on taxes and spending, and balancing our federal budget. I’ll fight to secure our country’s borders and rid our country of illegal immigrants who take American jobs and crowd our court system. I’ll work diligently to support our military and maintain a strong national defense. And I’ll always support traditional family values.

– Mo Brooks (HT:mobrooksforcongress.com)

No wonder those people all look alike to LaRaza Sanchez. Her reply to Van Tran’s common sense manifesto was more of the same sweetness and light we’ve come to expect from the Professionally Racist Left.

To the Latino community, If we don’t win in November there will be no votes for reform for ten or 20 years.

Pathetic. What type of reform, Loretta? Can we have a greater influx of labor that undercuts the minimum wage and benefit packages by working for less while undocumented? Maybe we can have more unpaid entitlement programs? Reform? Reform? Loretta’s party couldn’t even pass a stinking budget – much less balance one.

I’m being too critical. Laracista Sanchez works hard for her money. I must be a RAAACIST!! For not treating her right. I’ll fess up. I come bearing an agenda – an agenda that involves taking Congress away from a group of people who treat their access to the Federal Treasury as a drunken Visigoth Holiday.

If people who see nothing wrong with this paranoid excuse for a leader’s bigoted denunciations of her opponent have a bone to pick go ahead. I answer thusly.

Capt. Harris: Snakebite leader, Bravo Six, for the record, it’s my call. Dump everything you got left ON MY POS…..It’s a lovely (expletive) war. Bravo Six Actual and Out.