The Failed End Game of The Progressive Yacht Aristocracy

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

– Matthew 7:20, King James Version. (HT:Blblos.com)

The goal of the modern Progressive Movement is power. Its mechanism is by graft and corruption. The fruit, by which you will ultimately know the Progressive, is financial and economic ruin. The economic ruin follows the moral ruin as surely as the day will follow the night.

The power sought by the Progressive movement is the power that ensues when a government, unchecked, has the ability to spend, or withhold spending, entirely at its own discretion. This power extends far beyond the limits of rational finance or limitations based upon moral principal. The power to tax is not the only power to destroy. The power to spend based on partisan favoritism is Scylla to the taxing power’s Charybdis.

In Los Angeles, CA we see what happens when moral failure shows up in the economic balance sheet. We learned recently that LA County has spent $111M in stimulus funds designed to fight unemployment and “saved or created” 54.46 jobs.

We learn now, that the rot isn’t just limited to LA County. It seems that the Good Gentry of Bell CA, the Jack-Ass Party’s answer to Count Jawn Warneh and the GOP Yacht Aristocracy, have made quite the living off of the backs and the wallets of the lumpen-proletariat that the Democratic Party so sanctimoniously claims to champion. The drama began a few weeks back. The LA Times egregiously commits journalism where Democrats are in office, and describes the initial revelations below.

The city has been the focus of national attention ever since The Times revealed that City Manager Robert Rizzo was being paid $787,637 a year, Police Chief Randy Adams’ salary was $457,000 and assistant city manager Spaccia’s was $376,000. All three resigned amid public uproar.

(HT: LA Times)

The new regime in charge of Bell has made a sound tactical decision. They have broken all ties and loyalty to the old management and are now releasing the extent to which this city administration dabbled in an evil Feudal spoils system far more radical and damaging to the commonweal than anything previously detailed. Here’s what your tax dollars buy you when Keynesians run the municipal fisk. Once government gets to spend without reference to fiscal limitations, the question “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” evokes laughter if it is taken up at all.

The city’s director of administrative services, Lourdes Garcia, was earning $422,707, and the director of general services, Eric Eggena, earned $421,402, officials said….Annette Peretz, earned $273,542, a deputy city engineer earned $247,573, the business development coordinator earned $295,627, a police captain earned $238,075 and a police lieutenant earned $229,992.

(LA Times – Ob Cit.)

And so on and so forth until we can see good and well how $111M in stimulus funding only succeeds in creating 54.46 jobs. All Good Peers are taken care of, and what of the peasantry? Joe Weisenthal takes up the cause of some teachers in California.

Sudha Gupta hasn’t received a paycheck since July 31, but each day she and the 22 other teachers at Creative Montessori Learning Center in East Palo Alto dutifully come to work to serve 200 mostly low-income preschoolers.

Gupta and her colleagues don’t work for the state, but they are among a growing number of Californians whose everyday lives – and pocketbooks – are being impacted by the impasse over the state budget, which is now 79 days late.

(HT: Business Insider.com)

Now I can hear the excuse brigade already. This school isn’t a public one. Those teachers aren’t in LA County. Bell County has a high cost of living. Call a whambulance while you cry me a kfucing river. That money is there. $111M of it is being spent on 55 people who presumably already have all the degrees, credentials and low fat mocha lattes the UC system can bestow upon the anointed.

American society is willing to kfuc 200 low income preschoolers in exchange for that? What’s the matter you Godless, kfucing Keynesians? Do those 200 low income preschoolers have too poor a multiplier effect?

Pope Benedict XVI, in 1985 writing as Cardinal Ratzinger, wrote the following about the conditions necessary for a nation’s economy to prosper.

It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact of economic history that the development of economic systems which concentrate on the common good depends on a determinate ethical system, which in turn can be born and sustained only by strong religious convictions. Conversely, it has also become obvious that the decline of such discipline can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.

(HT: Spengler)

Governor Schwarzenegger has failed in his job by not flailing away at this for lo the years. This should have been fodder for every speech he has given to the public for the last three to five years. What California’s municipal and state governments have done is a crime. It is not just poor fiscal management, not just enstupidated “Keynesian” economics; it has been a despicable moral crime. 16% of Bell, CA’s population has no job.

Cut Lourdes Garcia’s salary down to penury $200,000 per year, and you free up $220,000. I send my little boy to a Montessori school where $220,000 would hire 3 to 5 more teachers and serve about 40 more children. Surely, the intellectual and moral welfare of 40 poor children is of vastly greater value to society than a couple of mutual fund stakes amongst the Democratic Party’s Yacht Aristocracy.

Hopefully, this fall, with the Tea Party’s aid and abidance, California will elect a Conservative, Republican slate of state officials. These individuals will realize that people like the municipal mafia of Bell, CA are predators that are destroying the futures of an entire underclass of incipient capitalists. Then these people can remember one of Arnold’s famous movie lines; a line that the current excuse for a Republican governor has sadly forgotten. “If it bleeds, we can kill it!”