The Tea Party (AKA: America’s Peaceful Reset Button)

“How can you make a revolution without executions?”

(HT: Vladimir Lenin)

Have you ever felt frustrated and believed that the system just no longer worked? It’s not something that will just get fixed with a tune-up or an oil change. The time has come to tow the darned thing to the junk yard and start over anew. The faith that we can just bring in the same wise, old men and sort this out fades into the distant horizon as you stagger thristing through the Desert of the Real.

But the Tea Party Movement hasn’t gotten quite that disgusted – just yet. They still try to work through the system to fight for the average Middle Class American. There are two models they could work off of. One is the model of civil disobedience (ALA Martin Luther King or Ghandi). The other is that inspired by Elijah Mohammad and evangelized by Malcolm X.

So far, the Tea Party has chosen to reason together with the GOP and to try and play the game by its current rules. They have invested time, energy and effort towards playing ball with the Republican Party and attempting to raise their stature within its primary system. This has happened on the macro level; Marco Rubio, Mo Brooks, and Sharon Angle are successful examples of Tea Party candidates kicking ideological opponents out of key national races. This has also happened on the Micro Level with the 9/12 Project walking precincts throughout Southern Delaware, Liberty.com and RS Contributor Cold Warrior’s Precinct Captain Project.

Yet now, the movement is hitting some pushback as it picks off Establishment GOP candidates such as Charlie Christ, Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle. Murkowski will not endorse Joe Miller and Castle will not endorse Christine O’Donnell. Charlie Christ has attempted a de facto candidacy as Democrat – while not actually admitting to be a Democrat. Christ is quite impressive in comparison to your average, run-of-the-mill basilisk.

Other members of the GOP Yacht Aristocracy, such as Good Old Bean John McCain, have seriously underestimated and insulted the intelligence of this new political awakening. When challenged in the Arizona Primary, McCain walked the US border with Mexico, side-by-side with a local sheriff, and talked about the importance of enforcing US immigration law. When Joe Liebermann and Lindsay Graham charged up Capitol Hill with the latest iteration of Cap-And-Tax, John McCain ridiculed them in a very public manner. Then he won his Senate Primary.

Since seeing off his opposition, Senator McCain is back to being the lovable “Mavarick”. A former aide to Senator John Warner discusses Senator McCain’s deep convictions regarding his right to confiscate our wealth to combat Global Warming.

Chelsea Maxwell, a climate aide to former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), said McCain is well-positioned to play a role in the next round of the debate, given that the terrain is shifting away from comprehensive legislation and toward more piecemeal approaches. “He was the original crusader,” she said. “We’re going to be looking for that big happy space in the middle to get things done, and that’s what he’s best at.”

(HT: Politico)

Oh, and about that hardcore, new stance on immigration enforcement…..

“In fairness to the senator,” says longtime Arizona pollster and political analyst Bruce Merrill, “one can look at it two ways. You can question his values and ethics, and say he’s pandering to the right. Or you can look at it as simply understanding the game you have to play to get elected.” Merrill, of Arizona State University, was the pollster for McCain’s 1982 House campaign.

(HT: Wahington Independent)

So that’s why taking out Mike Castle in the primary election is as important as taking out (for a second iteration) Charlie Christ in the general. The Mike Castles, the John McCains, they talk a different sales pitch they wear a red jersey; as opposed to a blue one. At the end of the day though, they play the same game. They believe they own your paycheck.

Right now, in this election season, it is easier and more productive for Tea Partiers to play along with the GOP and fight for change under their umbrella. Mucking the GOP’s execrable Augean Stables of inbred corruption is easier than laying the vast and expensive infrastructure of a viable 3rd political party or of just blowing the whole darn thing up and starting over.

Should the GOP continue to jerk these people off a la John McCain, or sing the old refrain, of “Villains ye were, Teabaggers you remain” a la Karl Olberm, oops I mean Rove, than, the Tea Party could truly set its collective jaw. Then you get into crazy-land where those of us not built like NFL Middle-Linebackers should logically fear to tread. This is when you get into the territory of Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grass Roots”.

“Whoever heard of a revolution where they lock arms, as Reverend Cleage was pointing out beautifully, singing ‘We Shall Overcome’? Just tell me. You don’t do that in a revolution. You don’t do any singing; you’re too busy swinging.”

(HT: teachingamericanhistory.com)

So right now, the Tea Party is asking the same questions that Vladimir Lenin and Malcolm X asked back in their respective eras. “How can you make a revolution without executions?” “Whoever heard of a revolution where you lock arms?” These are fair and intelligent questions. And let’s be like Malcom X and speak down to Earth here. America desperately needs a revolution.

We have gone from the freest land on Earth to having almost, but not quite, the same level of property rights as the typical citizen of The Gambia. We react to people who have the gall and audacity to complain about our $1.4T current account deficit by accusing them of being in favor of austerity. It’s as if they were Ebenezer Scrooge complaining about a lack of poor-houses and debtors’ prisons. But do we really have to just blow it all the kfuc up and start over?

This sort of insistence that we return to ratiocination – through a peaceful iteration of our Constitutional electoral process, is exactly what makes James Howard Kuntsler accuse Sarah Palin of being a Corn-Pone Hitler. It’s what makes Karl Rove denounce the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell as not strategically smart. The American People right now no longer care what is strategically smart or whether Sarah Palin is secretly channeling Berzelius Windrip on Bristol’s Ouija Board. They want their damn country back!

I hope neither Rove nor Kuntsler is stupid enough to believe that it can’t happen here. It can. Both of the people I castigated above and the slimy and disingenuous John McCain, are helping to make it all possible. The Tea Party is trying to answer Lenin and Malcolm X’s nasty and inconvenient questions in as nice and as civilized a manner as possible.

Senator John Cornyn, to his recent credit, quietly did American Democracy a real favor when he sent Christine O’Donnell $42,000. She, and the rest of the peaceful and cooperative Tea Party Movement, may be all that stands between Barack Obama’s Lexus Liberal posterior and the pitchforks.