The Evil Consequences of Sharing the Wealth

“The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”

– Fidel Castro (HT: Associated Press)

Fidel Castro finally saw the light. It took him long enough, but after lo the decades of multiple-hour Jeremiads, El Jefe has finally made a statement that I can contest on no rational gravamen. The Cuban Model does not work. It does not work for Cuba, it did not work for Russia, Poland or Romania. According to the World Economic Forum, the anemic version of it being exported to the United States under President Barack Obama is not working very well either.

The Cuban Model, you see, is shared ownership of what most societies would deem private property. It involves what our current president, Barack Obama, would refer to as sharing the wealth. In the past two years, according to the World Economic Forum, the United States has gone from being the number 1 country in the world to do business to the number four. This isn’t an epoch-ending crisis, but it’s a tremendous volume of wealth here that we should not be sharing.

The World Economic Forum ranks several aspects of what make up an appropriate business climate. The Associated Press describes the rankings below.

The report ranks 139 countries by assessing business efficiency, innovation, financial markets, health, education, institutions, infrastructure and other factors.

(HT: Associated Press)

The Associated Press article explained the US fall from economic grace via an analysis of the symptoms.

”There has been a weakening of the United States’ public and private institutions, as well as lingering concerns about the state of its financial markets,” the group said.

Mapping a clear strategy for exiting the huge U.S. stimulus “will be an important step in reinforcing the country’s competitiveness,” it said.

(HT: AP)

It’s only in the 2nd paragraph that they cut to the chase and really identify what has begun to sap the American economic foundation. The stimulus, like the Cuban Model that Fidel Castro seems to bemoan having adopted, involves an exercise in the very activity that set off Joe The Plumber. The stimulus damages America because it shares the wealth out to people who haven’t done Jack to actually earn or create any of it. The Business Insider explains why the United States is slipping in economic rank.

Take property rights. They’re at the essence of US capitalism. Last year, according to the WEF’s survey of executives, the US was the 30th best country. This year we’ve fallen to 40th.

(HT: Joe Weisenthal)

It gets funnier. Gambia ranked 39th, China, (the Frikken’ Communists), ranked 38th, Jordan ranked 30th, Namibia ranked 20th and Switzerland finished 1st. We are less secure in our property as Americans than the average citizen in Gambia. This gets us away from the economics I originally intended to blog and into more dangerous territory.

The rights to life, liberty and property are the bedrock of all other human rights. America, and other Western Democracies are unique in world history because regardless of where a lady or gentleman may rank in the peerage, a man’s home is, or was, in America, his castle. The other rights we enjoy are buttressed and fortified because we can close the doors, pull the window shades, and lead whatever life we so desire in the secure confines of the space which is ours.

We used to be able to build our wealth and pursue our dreams through the strategic husbanding and allocation of our assets. Now this wealth we so carefully tend, and meticulously build gets taken from us. We get told we have to share it.

If only we were sharing it to the truly downtrodden. I share my wealth almost every Sunday to a church that buys toothpaste, food and underwear for a bunch of homeless people. I derive satisfaction from my admittedly small role in this decent act of charity. But this is different from the wealth sharing done by Progressivism Incorporated©.

Can we really kid anyone that sharing the wealth of productive Americans to build The Chula Vista Dog Walk, The Austin, TX Frisbee Golf Course or President Barack Obama Parkway in Orlando, Florida does any moral good? I just don’t see how this accomplishes anything noble. No shoeless children get shod, no ignorant waifs learn to read, no prisoners of the soul-sucking ghetto get set free.

This is because the stimulus, like every other previous instantiation of the Cuban Model, does not genuinely aim to help any of the people it is said to be undertaken on behalf of. The Cuban Model is about the centralization of dominance and the preeminence of the Totalist State. The wealth is not so much shared, as it is confiscated. It is not confiscated for the sake of what wealth can do, it is confiscated for the sake of depriving its previous owners the freedom of action that comes with the acquisition of property.

Perhaps, if our current president wonders why he gets talked about like a dog, on some days, one of Michael Vick’s dogs, he should have a beer summit. Not with Daffy Joe Biden, not with a Harvard Professor, not with an average Joe from the police forces.

He should talk to Fidel Castro. Ask him how it all worked out. Ask him where all that wealth went that was shared after Battista was deposed. The answer, if Fidel Castro still wants to unburden his soul, would be that the wealth went to the same place as Cuba’s freedom. It all went straight to Hell.

Think of that as we approach Election 2010. We could have six more years in which we have fewer property rights than the average citizen of the Gambia. If things don’t work as well as we hope this November; YES.WE.CAN.