The Ground Trembles in Yellowstone Park (Is Mt. Obama Getting Ready to Blow?)

It hasn’t happened for a while, but every-so-often we get days when The DrudgeReport runs Richter Scale readings from tremors in Yellowstone Park. This makes for a better banner headline than “Slow Newsday Sparks Boredom Crisis. Internet Hits Unexpectedly Crater as Nothing Happens.” Amidst the Stygian Recovery Summer blast-furnace, the Dreaded Yellowstone Volcano is as good of a boogeyman to break out as any.

A similar paranoia may well be taking hold of the current intifada in charge of Washington, DC. Certain leading Democrats, and their surrogates as well, have begun to take the measure of current US President Barack Obama. When a President has a tenuous command of his own party, an old adage from Machiavelli gets called into question. Perhaps being feared by his opponents, within the Democratic Party; served Obama well in 2008 and 2009. As he told Senator Reid once, “Harry, I have this gift…” – The Gift of Mau-Mau.

But now the wheel turns, the plates begin to shift and internal discontent rises underneath the base of the Democratic Party, (not unlike the lava dome under the Yellowstone Caldera). A lot of very interesting things get said to the media by the formerly adoring Democratic Party.

When Jennifer Rubin wrote an article entitled “Howard Dean on Fire,” it wasn’t a scream of spontaneous self-immolation that occurred. It seems Howard Dean went on STATE OF THE UNION WITH CANDY CROWLEY and did something apostate to the fundamental religion of CNN. He told several egregious truths about our nation’s Feckless Leader, Barack Obama. Possible fratricidal transcript follows below.

CROWLEY: But what we found, Governor, in at least some of the races that we have had so far, is the fact that the president, while people still like him, they don’t approve of his policies and he doesn’t have coattails.

DEAN: That’s not a problem. Here is the deal. It’s not the coattails. We know he doesn’t have coattails from the ‘09 elections, the governor’s race.

(HT: Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine)

Dean went on to play First Base with the manual dexterity of Bill Buckner in a World Series Game. It was probably Robert Gibbs, not Howard Dean, who felt like yelling “Yeeeeaaaarggghhhh!” when Howard Dean was invited to wager on Democratic Party electoral fortunes this November.

DEAN: I’d bet money on the Senate, for sure. The House is much tougher.

DEAN: I don’t like the health care bill. I would be one of the 56 percent who opposed it

Then also, we get treated to the occasional article from the voices of liberal conventional wisdom calling for Joe Biden’s relocation to a new job description not involving Vice-Presidential work. The utterly translucent Sally Quinn says these things the only way she knows how – in easy, monosyllabic words and pedestrian prose. Her article, “Hillary Clinton should be Obama’s vice president”, is a thinly-disguised salvo across the bow of the SS Obama.

This becomes particularly obnoxious to His Oneness when it comes in concert with the latest and greatest from Dana “Blaze Orange” Milbank. Milbank’s little love-note entitled Washington Sketch: Clinton finally ahead of Obama in popularity suggests that the media no longer willingly prays five times a day towards the direction of The Obama Whitehouse.

It also makes it obvious that WaPo only thinks Hillary! Would make a good Veep in a scenario where Barack Obama remained politically viable in 2012. It wouldn’t take more than a capricious elimination of “Vice” to remodel the current Democratic Party organizational chart just a wee touch more.

Normally, this sort of political churning by a bored and increasingly unread newspaper staff would rate 2nd billing on Hot Air. However, this isn’t normal. Barack Obama used to be feared by other Democrats rather than loved. He is no longer feared, and nobody in the Democratic Party really wants his jet to land on one of their district’s tarmacs.

Reasonably smart, if not clinically sane, Liberal Blogger James Kuntsler describes a column written by Maureen Dowd during the 2008 Democratic Convention.

…this Democratic convention has a vibe so weird and jittery, so at odds with the early thrilling, fairy dust feel of the Obama revolution, that I had to consult Mike Murphy, the peppery Republican strategist and former McCain guru.

“What is that feeling in the air?” I asked him.

“Submerged hate,” he promptly replied.

(HT: The Daily Grunt)

Submerged hate; what it keeps that stuff in a non-buoyant state? Fear and trembling does the trick. The question Barack Obama may well have to address in short order is why Democrats should still fear him enough not to take him down for the sake of settling old and bitter scores. If he doesn’t have a snappy comeback, pressure from the Lava Dome of Progressive Frustration may well lead to a series of tremors below Mt. Obama. Quiescence may well give way to an eruption of inter-party feuding between Jacksonian and Academic Democrats.


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