The Lamentable Presidency of Grima Wormtongue

“I was not commenting and will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there.”

President Barack Obama

Former French President Jacques Chirac once famously remarked that the President of Turkey had missed out on a valuable opportunity to shut his mouth. It was a nasty comment, but certainly worthy of a sardonic chuckle. It also can be extended, without significant loss of generality to President Barack Obama’s recent series of contradictory, opaque and compliant remarks over the proposed In-Your-Nation’s-End-Zone Mosque that would tower like a symbol of America’s abject humiliation over the hallowed ruins of The Twin Towers.

If the American Nazi Party felt like putting its national headquarters right next door Arlington Cemetery so that they could conveniently crap on the graves of WW II veterans killed by the armies of The 3rd Reich, I suppose the ever-so-cutely political Barack Obama wouldn’t want to comment on the wisdom. Let’s just cut through the political falsity here. In the words of our weasel Dissembler-In-Chief, let me be perfectly clear. Let’s be adults and talk about the Dessert of The Real.

Barack Obama internally cheers for the construction of this mosque. He wants it. He is the same man who sat their clapping while “Reverand” Jeremiah Wright launched his Jeremiads about “Chickens Coming Home to Roost.” I have no doubt now, either in my mind or in heart that a part of Barack Obama wanted to crack open a bottle of Chablis when the Two Towers Fell. We have elected a venomous enemy to be President of The United States. This current regime is the Lamentable Presidency of Grima Wormtongue.

I can envision a position that would tolerate the construction of this mosque with which I could comprehend, empathize and respectfully disagree. The same people who devoted much of their legal careers to fighting Jim Crow read the US Constitution and saw that even detestable Nazis, who would gleefully relieve themselves of the graves of WWII veterans, had an entitlement to spew their bile. The ACLU, in keeping with their organizational principals, had to support the right of these very same detestable Nazis to march through Skokie, Illinois.

Thus, I can see somebody who genuinely felt sick about what Mohammad Atta and his crew did to our nation of 9-11-01 permitting this mosque through gritted teeth. The 1st Amendment favors freedom of religion, the mosque, ostensibly, serves members of the Islamic faith. It therefore qualifies for 1st Amendment protection.

In Philosophy 101 Class, amongst the people so open-minded that their ever-perspicacious brains have fallen out, that sort sentiment will get you a cookie and a pat on the head for its tolerance and diversity. Outside The Ivory Tower, where people wake up every morning and smell the asphalt, 3,000 people with families, children and dependent elderly relatives were burned alive as they went about their daily routines. Firefighters charged heroically through the smoke and heat to save the workers in the stricken buildings only to die as the very walls fell in around their heads in an eviscerating rain of hellfire.

This Ground Zero Mosque becomes a permanent symbol of the ability of the Islamic Faith to reach into your workplace and kill you any time they dislike the decisions of an American President or military commander. It is the symbolic equivalent of the white sheets and burning crosses of the Klu-Klux-Klan. It is a monument to and a method of furthering the goals of Islamic Terrorism.

Barack Obama would NEVER allow a Klu Klux Klan cultural center to be built right across the street from The Bill “Bojangles” Robinson Statue in the Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond, VA. He lies when he hides behind the 1st Amendment.

Like the leader of a nation of cowards, he strives to avoid having to take a position against this obviously hateful mosque. This implies very strongly to me that Barack Obama tacitly, neigh enthusiastically, approves of this gesture to both humble and humiliate The United States of America.

So our odious and hateful president believes Moslems have a right to practice their religion. Very good, so do I. There’s an Islamic Cultural Center 15 miles from where I live. I, and most other people in Huntsville, AL, don’t give a second thought to the place. It has no symbolic intent to it unless you practice the Islamic Faith. That would be because nobody from this particular religious site has ever publically celebrated the deliberate burning of 3,000 of their fellow Americans in pools of JP-8.

Thus, when Barack Obama toadies up to the terrorists and declares this a 1st Amendment issue, there is only one appropriate reply to this betrayal of the fallen. J.R.R. Tolkien says it far more eloquently than I could.

The wise speak only of what they know, Gríma son of Gálmód. A witless worm have you become. Therefore be silent, and keep your forked tongue behind your teeth.

-Gandalf, The Two Towers