Boycott JournOlist: Target #3. Paul Krugman, New York Times.

JournOlister Paul Krugman is to Congressman Paul Ryan as Ellsworth Toohey was to Howard Roark in The Fountainhead. Krugman is a left-leaning public intellectual who represents a pseudo-intellectual status quo. Krugman is typical of the duplicitous facist tweaks who reveled in the camaraderie of journOlist. Paul Ryan is a visionary who represents an ideological alternative to the Krugman’s pseudo-sapient mush.

Thus, the time has come, if you don’t do so already, to boycott the organization for which Paul Krugman is such the condign mascot. JournOlist boycott target #3 is The New York Times. Do not link to it, advertise in it. If possible, please avoid patronizing those who prominently advertise therein.

Ayn Rand created Ellsworth Toohey to represent the extent to which iniquitous intellectualism destroys the human spirit. Toohey, like Krugman, uses his intellectual abilities to preach that man should be servile before the hyper-empowered state. Rand has Toohey describe his methodology below.

Aiming at a society that shall be “an average drawn upon zeroes,” he knows exactly why he corrupts Peter Keating, and explains his methods to the ruined young man in a passage that is a pyrotechnical display of the fascist mind at its best and its worst; the use of the ideal of altruism to destroy personal integrity, the use of humor and tolerance to destroy all standards, the use of sacrifice to enslave.

Congressman Ryan has been rendered aghast at the feckless, Keynesian enstupidation that currently drives economic policy-making in the current Paris Commune Congress that is spending America into penury. As a result of this profound heartburn, Congressman Ryan has offered his economic alternative to the Keynesian spend-a-thon. His alternative budget plan, “A Roadmap For America’s Future,” details a series of significant cuts in the rate of increase and reforms to the current welfare safety net, and visionary tax reform.

For the entire 2008 campaign, we kept hearing that Republicans had no economic ideas. The poor Democrats had to clean up this mess they inherited. They didn’t mind, but they didn’t want to hear from the people that had made this mess. Krugman certainly does not want to be informed of any alternatives to Keynesianism. His mind not only slammed shut, it has been hermetically sealed.

Thus Krugman indulges in quite a catty fit of messenger-sniping from his august perch at The Senile, Gray Lady. He wrote a column which castigated Congressman Ryan via what Former NY Times ombudsman Daniel Okrent described as “the disturbing habit of shaping, slicing and selectively citing numbers in a fashion that pleases his acolytes but leaves him open to substantive assaults.”

Krugman castigates Ryan with schoolyard taunts. He calls Ryan a dope, a charlatan and a man who coats his numbers in the very flim-flam sauce that seemed to give Dr. Krugman’s defender, Mr. Okrent such a splitting hangover. He goes predictable left and accuses Ryan of depriving the aged of health care. This would, of course, be totally unlike the reclassification of breast cancer treatments that the FDA recently undertook in response to mandate from ObamaCare.

Ryan did not flinch in the face of criticism from the disingenuous and over-credentialed “public intellectual.” He took to the pages of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal and stripped the paint off of the illustrious Dr. Krugman’s dishonest, Potemkin-like arguments.

What critics such as Krugman fail to understand is that our looming debt crisis is driven by the explosive growth of government spending – not from a lack of tax revenue. Krugman also recycles the disingenuous claim that the “Roadmap” – the only proposal certified to make our entitlement programs solvent – would “end Medicare as we know it.”

Ironically, doing nothing, as Democrats would prefer, is certain to end entitlement programs as we know them, and in the process, beneficiaries would face painful cuts to these programs. Conversely, the “Roadmap” would pre-empt these cuts in a way that prevents unnecessary disruptions for current beneficiaries.

(HT: Paul Ryan)

For now, Paul Krugman has the bigger megaphone. As poet Charles Buckowski wrote, The horns of reason are muted./ As the laughter of fools blockades the air. But you and I, Ladies and Gentlemen, You and I can fight this blockade. We can refuse to do business with those who make it their business to pour advertising revenue into organizations who support authors who joined JournOlist.

Boycott update: I’ve request assistance in the denial of revenue to three targets thus far.

Wachovia Bank – Supporter of The Columbia School of Journalism and The Nefarious Dr. Todd Gitlin.

Continental Airlines. – Advertiser at Wired Magazine. Home of Resident JournOlist Howler Monkey, Spencer Ackerman

Today’s selection. The Gnu York Times…

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