Eugene Robinson Reminds Us That Ignorance Is Strength and That Rangel Is No Crook….

Are you ready for this morning’s punch line? It will put a pep in your step and laughter in your heart. Eugene Robinson of the always lively and entertaining Washington Post is at the mike. Here goes…

Rangel apparently was careless in filling out his required financial disclosure forms; he should have known better than to take that important exercise so lightly.

(HT: The Washington Post)

Yeah. Silly, silly, Congressman Rangel. He just doesn’t take laws all that seriously. Neither did The Joker in the last Batman Movie. But no, Eugene Robinson is truly serious about this.

On his federal tax returns, Rangel failed to declare rental income from a vacation property he owns in the Dominican Republic — a mortifying embarrassment for the one-time chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes the tax code. But certain facts about this transgression rarely get mentioned. For one thing, Rangel’s so-called “villa” can’t be very palatial, since it cost only $82,750 when he bought it in 1987.

The fact that Charlie Rangel has failed to declare $600,000 in rental income, doesn’t seem to register on Eugene’s monochromatic monitor screen. This perhaps suggests the absence of on intellectual current. The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, who is only slightly less of a left-wing partisan than say, Albert Camus, described Rangel’s conduct thusly.

Rangel failed to pay taxes on rental income from his Caribbean villa. He neglected to report $600,000 in income on his financial disclosure forms. He hit up companies with business before the Ways and Means Committee for donations as high as $30 million to the Rangel Center — improperly using official letterhead and directly soliciting corporate lobbyists.

(HT: The Washington Post)

Ruth Marcus, at least bolstered by a remote tethering to terra firma, unveils the better punchline of the two articles. She points out that maybe, just maybe, Charlie Rangle caused some of his own PR problems by attempting a $10M shakedown of AIG. Yes, that AIG, as Ruth puts it.

When AIG — the company that paid out hundreds of millions in bonuses after being rescued by a government bailout — recognizes an appearance issue, you know you’ve got a problem.

But no, In Eugene Robinson’s magical world where the sky is typically purple, Charlie Rangle is no crook. There is a semblance of truth to that statement. He has yet to be convicted in a court of law. It’s sad to see a powerful politician like Congressman Rangel lack convictions. Particularly, when if anyone reading this blog did ½ of the stuff Charlie Rangel has been caught doing, they could write up expert reviews on the food and the living conditions of Ossining Prison.