Boycotting JournOlist: Target #1 – Dr. Todd Gitlin, Columbia School of JournOlism

“On the question of liberals coordinating, what the hell’s wrong with some critical mass of liberal bloggers & journalists saying the following among themselves:..”

(HT: The Daily Caller)

Todd Gitlin than becomes more explicit. “Repeat after me:”, quoth El Generalissimo. “Again. And again. Vary the details. There are plenty. Somebody on the ‘list posted a strong list of McCain lies earlier today. Hammer it. Philosophize, as Nietzsche said, with a hammer.” (He seems to have temporarily misplaced the gosh-darn sickle.)

And of course, he’s not in favor of coordinating, but join The Borg anyhow, Dr. Gitlin gently explains.

“I don’t know about any of you, but I’m not waiting for any coordination. Get on with it!”

So who is Dr. Tood Gitlin? Dr. Todd Gitlin is a prestigious tenured professor at the Columbia School of Journalism. In fact, he chairs the Ph. D. program for this department of Columbia University.

So why is having the chair of America’s best-known school of journalism actively seeking to coordinate political messages to be broadcast over ostensibly objective media outlets? If this is something you don’t find intuitively obvious, welcome to the machine, and I leave you to remain comfortably numb.

So why target Todd Gitlin? Because he is a part of a machine designed to keep America stupid and deliberately uninformed when they attempt to make voting decisions on election day. Dr. Todd Gitlin is in the business of teaching young minds how to lie in consonant harmony. So if you’re ready to stop being comfortably numb, I’ll tell YOU how to take citizen action.

A university is a very tough thing to directly boycott. Fortunately, Columbia’s endowment fund managers have helped do a large portion of the job for us. This leaves organizations within Columbia University in need of private sector funding. Here is a list of the Columbia School of Journalism corporate sponsors. Feel free to target selectively and realign your service and commodity consumption habits to exempt any or all of these abettors from your wallet.

Today, I’ll offer an example of a very inviting economic target from Dr. Gitlin’s list on corporate enablers. The Wachovia Bank’s Wachovia Regional Foundation currently matches all Wachovia employee donations to the Columbia School of JournOlism. Wachovia is a savings bank which offers a predictable and time-honored list of services which can easily be replaced by competitors who offer either equitable or superior services.

Instead of banking your cash assets in Wachovia’s Way to Save™ Account, contemplate using Emigrant Savings Bank. They, like ING Direct, are incorporated in New York, and are therefore capable of offering higher rates of interest on passbook savings than banks in other states.

Wachovia’s mortgage loan business is another key component to their corporate balance sheet. These services can easily be replaced by a other financiers. Competitors in Alabama, include Nationwide Bank, which beats Wachovia’s non-jumbo, 30 year fixed APR by nearly 0.20%.

Of course, any such actions should be taken with careful regards to your own personal financial situation. I don’t anyone to lose significant personal savings over a political difference with a financial institution. I point this out, however, to advise all of us that we do not and if possible should not do business with any corporation that contributes to the material well-being of a JournOlister. That is all.