How To Economically Hurt The Journolistas

American Thinker has a little list. They have compiled a list of 65 Journolister Hall of Shamers. I reccommed that we, as proud ideological Conservatives who fight the Left anywhere it rears its ugly head, do the following. We must boycott any business or corporation that runs advertisements on a news network or radio show or newspaper that prominently features a known former member of Journolist.

The so-called journalism profession will do nothing to stem this endemic corruption. They don’t care. JournoList only streamlined and formalized what was already business as usual. But this time, they got arrogant and left a smoking gun.

The best way in which the Silent Majority can fight the media is by voting with our wallets. They cannot live well with their business model under assualt from Yahoo! and Craig’s List. They desperately seek to shut down the Rush Limbaughs and Andrew Breibarts. Let us all turn that around and shut down them.

When Kevin Drum, Spencer Ackerman, Paul Krugman or any other JournOlist hack spouts off, do not turn the channel in disgust. Wait until the next commercial break. List the corporations who advertise on the network. Then, if it all possible, do not buy ANY of their products or services. Cut them off.

Make any corporation who supports a network willing to broadcast a JournOlister lose business. Make those networks lose revenues. Make them pay. Here, again is the list of 65 known Journolisters. Make them pay. That is all.