The Mote and The Beam

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (HT: Matthew 7:3)

As is well known, the NAACP has declared the Tea Party Movement to be officially, and certifiably RACIST™. They issued this declaration at their national convention in Kansas City, MO. NAACP President ben Jealous issued the following statement to the Tea Party.

“You must expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take full responsibility for all of their actions,” NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said.

(HT: BigGovernment.com)

This political boilerplate is problematic on several levels. It is philosophically impossible for either The Tea Party or the NAACP to expel all the racists or bigots from their ranks and to still exist. Racism and bigotry should have their own DSM axis.

Anyone alive exhibits some racism and some bigotry. We all discriminate when we hire, choose friends, decide where to buy housing and with whom we choose to marry and breed children with. If we value our mortal safety, we also profile.

Certainly, reasonable people do not engage in these activities for the primary purpose of making other people suffer on account of their race. However, there’s a clinical term for any individual who claims that they NEVER indulge in racism under any circumstances. That diagnosis would be that this person is a LIAR.

A second problem is epistemological. When you condemn the Tea Party, what is it that you condemn? Cord Jefferson supports Barack Obama, believes strongly in the NAACP’s stated mission and writes for the Root, an African-American themed website. He states the epistemological problem involved with Ben Jealous’ political fatwa.

….what constitutes a Tea Party is by and large impossible to define. Because there is no Tea Party governing body offering charters or doling out bylaws, exactly who the NAACP has in its sights is largely an unanswerable question. Is a group of 10 shut-ins in Florida a Tea Party just because they have a website? Is anyone who attends a Tea Party rally a Tea Party member? If we’re going to go around calling things racist, shouldn’t we first know exactly what those things are?

(HT: Cord Jefferson, The Root)

The 3rd, and most pressing problem with the Ayatollah Benjamin’s political fatwa would be the issue of its laughable hypocrisy. Even The Holy Saint Benjamin and the good and righteous people at the NAACP exhibit some degree of racism. Blasphemy, you say! Perhaps not, the Washington Times offers us details of legal work done on behalf of the New Black Panthers by NAACP lawyers.

MR. BLACKWOOD: Do you know whether anybody was consulting as to whether to proceed or the merits of the case with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
MR. ADAMS: Well, listen. This is not firsthand. But I was told by section management that NAACP members or staffers were talking with the Voting section attorney in March of 2009 and asking, “When is this case going to get dismissed” which, of course, is interesting to hear for the first time that someone’s even thinking about dismissing the case that you’re in the middle of building. And that was — It seemed strange. But it didn’t really give me much pause other than to think that’s a really strange request.
MR. BLACKWOOD: Well, all press reports indicated a conversation between Kristen Clark of the Legal Defense Fund and a Laura Coates of the Department. Who is Laura Coates?
MR. ADAMS: She is a line attorney in the Voting section, no relation to Christopher Coates.
MR. BLACKWOOD: And according to the press reports Laura Coates reported this contact, this conversation, with Kristen Clark of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund “to her superiors.” Do you know whether that occurred?
MR. ADAMS: I do. And if Mr. Coates were able to comply with his subpoena and testify under oath I’m quite confident that he would be able to share the full details of those communications as conveyed to him.
MR. BLACKWOOD: But you’re not in the position to do that.
MR. ADAMS: Other than they existed and you accurately — and that I characterized them as a request as to when the case was going to be dismissed as conveyed to me by Mr. Coates.

(HT: The Washington Times)

The NAACP wants to know when claims of racial violence will be dropped and no longer investigated against The New Black Panthers. This a group whose leaders publically discussed the need to kill more Cracker Babies. They are on record discussing what a tolerant guy Saddam Hussein was back in 2004.

You would have to travel to Iran and request an audience with the President to meet someone more malignant and hateful in their racial bigotry. The leader of the New Black Panthers believes white children should be exterminated for the good of mankind on a basis of their depleted melanin counts. The man would give Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. a nightmare.

So what should I infer about the true beliefs and motivations of NAACP members from the statement of their leadership? Should they have to get rid of Ben Jealous or immediately suffer the consequences? Does his support of the New Black Panthers give me legitimate reason to assume all African Americans at least tacitly approve of Saddam Hussein having used poison gas to wipe out Kurdish villagers?

Of course not. Believing these things would be ridiculous. In asking all decent people of good will to condemn the Tea Party Movement because a passel of idiots have made racist remarks that pale in comparison to those routinely uttered by legal clients defended by NAACP attorneys, Ben Jealous is a hypocrite. He is a laughable hypocrite. He is an embarrassment to all African-Americans of decent conduct and deportment that genuinely fear racial discrimination based on what happened to them in the past.

But rather than calling on all decent people of good will to condemn the NAACP until they get rid of all of their racists and bigots, I suggest a better alternative. Ignore them. Tend to our own gardens. Police our own ideology without this humbug’s deleterious input. Once we get through un-electing this profoundly incompetent Congress and Presidential Administration, we can them get rid of our own troll-like troglodytes who allow their inherent bigotry to prevent them from engaging in decent and affirming citizenship. In criticizing the mote in the eye of the Tea Partier, Ben Jealous is detrimentally blind to the beam that blinds his own.