Reading George Orwell Backwards and Upside Down

Democratic pollsters Stan Greenberg, Celinda Lake and Guy Molyneaux have studied their George Orwell with dedication and due diligence. They’ve learned much. Regrettably, they’ve learned lessons in 180-degree opposition to those the great author and social critic wanted to teach in his work 1984. Orwell taught that warping language to deliberately lie to the people was an evil tool used to acquire power. The Democratic pollsters in question have decided. “Hey, we can use this to acquire lots and lots of power!”

This obvious and pathetic cynicism is what the pollsters bring to the table when advising Democrats on how to reform immigration. The Democrats want to legalize 12 million people who violated our laws to sneak into the country, but they know they’ll get clobbered by the public if they call it amnesty. But, they don’t need to reject the actual idea of giving 12 million illegal aliens amnesty; they just need to sound more like Republicans while they do it. Politico.com’s Carrie Brown writes a pathetically adulatory piece about how Democrats intend to lie to us in support of their immigration reform bill.

Long pilloried for being soft on illegal immigration, top Democratic officials have concluded there’s only one way they can hope to pass a comprehensive immigration bill: Talk more like Republicans. They’re seizing on the work of top Democratic Party operatives who, after a legislative defeat in 2007, launched a multiyear polling project to craft an enforcement-first, law-and-order, limited-compassion pitch that now defines the party’s approach to the issue.

We can’t you know, legislate like Restrictionists, but if we co-opt their vocabulary, we can give away the store and the voters will be too dumb to figure it out. And Greenberg, Lake and Molyneaux claim to have the polling data that proves it. Just talk the right way, and people will never figure out that the ideas driving the legislation are stupid and potentially detrimental to our great nation. This is exactly what we should expect from men of the people who wouldn’t let the average Joe within 25′ of their august presence until that individual has given at least $1,000 to their re-election campaign.

“We lost control of the message in the 2007 debate,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigrant rights group that worked with Center for American Progress founder John Podesta on the messaging overhaul. “We were on the inside fighting off amendments, and the other side was jacking up their opponents and getting Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly on fire about this. We needed to do a much better job on communications.”

Explaining to John Podesta that the previous immigration reform bill was getting amended to high heaven due to its fundamental inadequacy would be a fool’s errand. We’ve even got Barack Obama and Charles Schumer using the proper buzzwords. Once that happens, we all know it’s good for America.

As we all learned from last week’s Helengate scandal, telling the truth about hateful ideas is morally wrong. Lying serves the public much more admirably. You can’t tell the Jewish Folk to go back to Poland and put the goofy stars and funny pajamas back on – even if it involves rent-free public housing at Treblinka. You have to understand the Iranian President and empathize with his intellectual worldview instead. That’s what was wrong with Crazy, Old Helen Thomas.

Yet with illegal immigration, like with Iran’s violent nut-job governing caste, just changing the rhetoric will not change the facts on the ground. One-third of the uninsured patients at Arizona hospital will either be “illegal” or “undocumented”. You say “po-ta-to”, I say “po-taa-to”, the actuaries still say too expensive to keep the hospital open for very long. Whether “illegal” or “undocumented,” educating these people’s children still costs Arizona Two-Billion per year. None of those families will pay one dime of school tax.

Over 20% of the documented US citizens who must, by law, receive the minimum wage can’t find employment in Yuma, AZ. Someone, either “illegal” or “undocumented” still harvests acres of lettuce there every day. Arizona doesn’t give a rats (redacted) what you call these people. Increasingly, the American People won’t either.

Go ahead Stan, Guy and Celinda, just change the words your people call amnesty. Just tell people that Law-and-Order is vital as you fail to protect them from a lawless horde. This fall, when the GOP knows whose posterior needs a Kiwi Ox Blood enema; you can conduct a poll to determine whether you’d rather see Nancy Pelosi lose her majority to Eurasia, rather than Eastasia. Maybe, if you spin it as funemployment, your former political clients won’t mind it in the least.